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Bespoke Cupboards

Practical storage solutions with appealing style

Made-to-fit cupboards give you a home with more space to live and breathe in. Bespoke cupboards blend beautifully with existing décor and fit with unerring precision into any space. You’ll be surprised and delighted to see how an Empatika bespoke cupboard fits stylishly into your home just like it was meant to be.

Rooms with unconventional layouts no longer need to cause you a furnishing and storage headache. Fitted cupboards overcome the logistical problems of trying to shoehorn shop-bought cupboards into difficult spaces. In many cases, shop-bought furnishings look awkward and stick out like a sore thumb. Why not let your home furnishing headache be a thing of the past with our beautiful bespoke cupboards?

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Built-in cupboards:
discover the storage possibilities in your home

Paying fine attention to detail is in our genes at Empatika. We love nothing more than working with our clients to understand their needs so we can come up with a design that is everything they ask for and more.

  • We only use high-quality materials and we are passionate about sustainability. Your bespoke cupboards need to last, and wood is the perfect durable material. We use responsibly-sourced wood to ensure we have a significantly lower carbon footprint than our competitors.
  • We can incorporate sufficient lighting solutions to make your cupboards user-friendly every time you open the doors.
  • Awkwardly shaped rooms and small spaces are transformed with Empatika’s bespoke cupboards to give you a practical storage solution you’ll love.
  • We work with you to design cupboards that work beautifully in your home. We know how to effortlessly build cupboards into awkward spaces so you can make use of every last inch of any room.

Bespoke cupboards: no job is too big or too small

If you want cupboards in small spaces, or cupboards stretching from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, Empatika can make accurately fitting and beautifully styled bespoke furniture solutions for your home. Whether you want a bespoke under-stairs cupboard, a cabinet for an awkward recess or a whole kitchen of complete bespoke cupboards and drawers, Empatika can bring your furniture dreams to life. Our focus is always on your needs.

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Fitted cupboards: ample storage with bespoke shelving to suit your belongings

We want nothing more than to give you high quality fitted cupboards that create the perfect storage solution and add to the stylish look of your home. Here’s how we work to bring you a design that will make your life easier every single day:

  • We make the most of the design consultation to determine your needs and wants.
  • We work together with you to create a design you are 100% happy with.
  • We will advise you on materials. To save trees we use medium-density fibreboard (MDF), which is just as sturdy as other woods, but is made from recycled tree cut-offs and sawdust.
  • Following the design consultation we’ll provide you with a 3D drawing and present our ideas to you.
  • We’ll refine the blueprints until you are completely happy, before we get started with the work.

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Custom-made cupboards for a perfectly organised home

We all struggle at home with some sort of storage problem for some of our belongings. Perhaps you have something that’s a little too big to fit on the width of a shop-bought shelving unit, or cupboard? Are smaller items taking up valuable space? With custom-made cupboards you get to choose exactly how everything gets organised on the inside, with shelving, drawers and hooks to suit you and your belongings.

At Empatika we love to delight our clients with functional and practical storage solutions on the inside, as well as beautiful aesthetics on the outside.

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