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Bespoke Children’s bedrooms

Fitted furniture to match your child, your home, and adapt as your child grows

At Empatika, we understand that children don’t stay small for very long. It’s why we design and build furniture for children’s bedrooms that can be easily adapted as your child grows. We also appreciate that children have rapidly changing developmental needs, and that bedroom furniture needs to meet those demands.

We design custom-fitted bedroom furniture with movable storage units so you can easily swap rooms or change things around to suit your child’s needs. We cleverly design toy storage cupboards that can be transformed into wardrobe space as your child becomes more interested in clothes. We work with you to design and create bedroom spaces that grow with your child.

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Built-in furniture for your child’s bedroom:
a cool space for your child to play

Most children’s bedrooms aren’t the most spacious rooms in the home, but in today’s modern world, kids’ seem to have more toys and games than ever before. That’s why built-in furniture is a great solution. Cleverly designed storage means you get more capacity to keep toys hidden away and more floor space for your children to play. As well as cool storage solutions, here are some more great reasons to work with Empatika:

  • We care about the environment. We use responsibly sourced wood, enabling us to have a significantly lower carbon footprint than our competitors.
  • We use environmentally friendly paints to make sure your child’s room is safe to sleep and play in.
  • We’ll take care of lighting cupboards and shelves with wires carefully hidden away out of reach.
  • We create safe environments for kids to sleep, play, learn and have fun in.
  • We make furniture of exceptional quality, built to last, in modern designs to bring wow-factor to your child’s bedroom.

Made to measure furniture for the ultimate kid’s bedroom

We understand that bespoke furnishings may be more expensive than shop-bought versions. But most standard children’s bedroom furniture doesn’t make the best use of small or awkward spaces, meaning your children get less room to play. At Empatika we love to design bedroom furniture that makes the most of every spare inch of awkward space. We know that kids don’t exactly have a reputation for being tidy. Our storage solutions make keeping toys neatly put away easy, even for little ones.

We think of everything to turn your kids’ bedrooms into perfectly formed spaces. We are experts in developing functional spaces for everything from toys and clothes to TVs, computers and books. We make sure that everything is made to suit your design requirements, but we can’t guarantee it will stay as perfectly neat and tidy as when we fit it, particularly when your little one is having fun!

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Stylish children’s bedroom furniture with the fun-factor

We want your child to have a bedroom they love to spend time in with plenty of room for imaginative play. We know how to work with children and adults to get bedroom furniture that is both fun and stylish. If you want to get the best from bespoke children’s bedrooms, then you need to have designs created from your child’s perspective, but tempered with the knowledge of adults.

We’ll take some of your child’s ideas and work with you to create a design that delivers on fun-factor and functionality. Here are some of the features, ideas and essentials that make Empatika furniture the perfect choice for your child’s bedroom:

  • Cleverly designed storage space for school books and other stationery
  • Cool multi-functional wardrobe space for clothes, shoes, gadgets or toys
  • Tucked away study tables and chairs
  • Child-friendly, secure light fixtures for easy mobility and reading
  • Kid-friendly construction materials, eco-friendly paint and sustainably sourced wood

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Fabulously fun custom-made children’s bedroom furniture by Empatika

We’d all love the magic of Mary Poppins when it comes to tidying our children’s bedrooms. A spoonful of sugar definitely helps the medicine go down, and if only a click of the fingers would magic toys back into the toy cupboard. Unfortunately, we can’t promise that! But, we can promise the best toy cupboard ever!

We’ll help come up with some ingenious storage solutions so that even your children will love to put their toys away after play. And when toys take a back seat, the toy cupboard can be transformed into a sophisticated cupboard for teenage clothes, shoes and accessories. And our painted furniture can easily be transformed with another paint colour when your child needs to feel a little more grown up.

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