Empatika’s Most Challenging Projects Yet!

Since its establishment in 2003, Empatika has grown in leaps and bounds, continually winning itself an ever increasing list of clients across the UK. Understandably, some of these projects have been particularly challenging, requiring the Empatika team to draw on their expertise and versatility in order to succeed. Below is an overview of three of the company’s most challenging projects and how the team managed to get the job done!

Project 1: Floating Countertop Shelves

First up is a project Tristan and the team completed for a woman who was determined to install shelves with a floating look underneath an existing kitchen countertop. While many other contractors had told her it was impossible due to the requirement of lengthier, non-standard sheets, Empatika took a proactive approach to achieve a beautifully streamlined finished product.

“We didn’t let any of the design hurdles faze us and I designed and fitted the bespoke floating shelves with no problems at all!”

Project 2: A Sky High Wardrobe

While Tristan is used to designing custom built wardrobes, it’s not every day that he gets a request to design a floor to ceiling wardrobe in a majestic period style home. Yet the project was not too big for Tristan and the team, who spent days designing the wardrobe and constructing it with colossally heavy wooden boxes.

“I thought I was going to die! There were three to put up there and at one point the box went off at an angle, making a big dent in the wall. Of course, we fixed it and re-painted the whole wall so it looked as though nothing had ever happened!”

The client was delighted with their custom designed, super tall wardrobe which was even fitted with a pull down rail in order to bring the highest hung clothes down to eye level.

Project 3: Custom Built Home Library

Due to the clients request for floating style bookcases, this home library was one of Empatika’s biggest challenges. As their only point of contact was the wall, Tristan had to use premium quality fixings in order to ensure they did not move. Taking into account the heavy weight of the shelves as well as the additional weight of the books, this was a tough demand. Yet a recent visit to the site confirmed that Empatika’s high quality work has stood the test of time!

“I went back three years later to visit this job and I was delighted to see that it had not moved even half a millimetre, which is a great testament to the quality and engineering we did to ensure it never came off the wall. My belief is that you can do anything, you just have to know what to do.”

If you’ve got a challenging project, get in touch with Tristan and enlist the help of the expert Empatika team today!