A day in the life of Tristan

As a professional carpenter, accomplished author, environmental activist and father of four, Tristan Titeux leads a busy life! So how does he do it? Check out this insightful write up for a glimpse into a day in the life of Tristan.

Wake up call

Tristan is an early riser and avid believer in getting stuck into work from the moment he jumps out of bed! Thanks to the convenience of a home office, Tristan is able to start work between 5am and 6.30am and fit in a good 2-3 hours of productivity before his family wakes up. These early morning hours are Tristan’s favourite part of the day, making him feel calm, relaxed and full of energy.

“I love my work and I am always exited to get up in the morning and get going!” he says.

When the clock hits 9am it’s time for a nutrient packed veggie smoothie to keep up the energy until lunch time.

A productive approach

Tristan takes a systematic approach to his work, basing his strategy on Brian Tracy’s famous book, “Eat That Frog” which teaches readers that the path to productivity is to start the day by tackling the hardest and most important tasks.

“If I have a drawing to do, I never do it in the afternoon, I always start first thing, as it requires a lot of undisturbed concentration in order to not make any mistakes. If I am not drawing then I will do quotes that need sending off, once this is finished I will get on to emails, finding materials, dealing with jobs, putting them in the diary, social media, website, there is a never ending list of tasks that appear every day.”

Tristan is also committed to networking, connecting with likeminded businesses and taking new courses to improve his personal and professional skills.

“I am never happy and always looking to improve everything we do, so I spend a lot of my time on that.”

Lunchtime rejuvenation

After a midday lunch, Tristan gets stuck into easier tasks such as checking emails. If he’s feeling tired, stressed or lacking in concentration, a quick 20 minute siesta usually does the trick!

“If I can’t work simple things out I just take myself away and have a siesta for 20 minutes. I then wake up refreshed and ready to go again and anything that I could not do before just seems to be so easy and obvious, it’s amazing!”

The afternoon school run

The afternoon school pick up is a good excuse for Tristan to squeeze in some exercise and family time, but then it’s straight back to work for the passionate Empatika owner. While he used to work right through until around 10pm, Tristan has recently capped his work day at 5.30pm in order to slow down and enjoy family life.

“I thought to myself, why am I doing this, there is no point stressing myself, I need to live a bit, relax and give myself time and my family in the week too. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, it’s just that it gets stressful and tiring to keep going like that all day.”

Evening escapades

That said, Tristan still likes to conduct call out visits in the evenings as the ritual helps calm him down and really connect with his clients.

“I get myself totally inside my customer’s world, in their boots and totally forget about any problems I might have. Then I enjoy driving to see them and back, I listen to music and my audio books and call my friends and it’s a time I really enjoy.”

So there you have it – a busy day in the life of Tristan Titeux, one of the UK’s most sought after eco-friendly carpenters!