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 Bespoke home office

From consultation to perfectly understanding what we needed in a fairly small home office, Tristan and his team were brilliant.
Helen Pipins

 Home Office 1

This is a symmetrical home office unit built in a flat off the Iconic Abbey Road in London. It has a pull out keyboard shelf to give even more space to an already very large work space. There is lots of hidden storage behind closed doors below and lots of shelving for books above, the unit makes the most of the space by going all the way from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.

Bespoke penthouse study

The result is a wonderful and functional home office.
Isabella Quental

Home Office 2

This bespoke study was built along one long wall of a study to act as a space to work, a place to store lots of books and hide lots of items behind doors below. It is made like all our units using sustainably grown wood which means that the finite Rainforest has not been cut down for our short term needs. This unit was built in a Penthouse in Kentish town in a beautiful converted factory.

Children’s loft office

You could tell these guys really cared about the quality of their work. I now have an immaculate new home office
Heidi Ford

Home Office 3

We designed this loft office for the daughter of a very good customer who keeps returning over the years as their needs change as well as recommending us to their friends and colleagues. It has a large work area so she can spread out while studying which makes it much easier that way. The unit also has lighting built in and the transformer is hidden behind a removable panel should it need replacing in the future. This home office was built in a house in Shepherds Bush.

Melamine wood effect desk

Empatika did an excellent job interpreting our ideas for an office, wardrobe and living area storage.
Alastair Eperon

Home Office 4

This home office was built on 3 walls inside a space in a hallway of a house in Kensington. It fits the space perfectly and has all the features the customer requested such as a space to fit the computer inside a cupboard instead of on the floor like before, it has cable trays to make cable management easier and out of sight, there are also two filling drawers built in to make filling important papers easy and tidy. This unit is built using a pre-finished melamine coated wood effect which looks very realistic, melamines these days are of a very high quality and very realistic, many have 3D grain effects too to add to that realism. The advantage of using melamine is it is very hard wearing and perfect for a desktop that gets a lot of use compared with a hand painted finish and also it is more cost effective because it requires no finishing, plus you get an wide array off finishes and effects.

Bespoke home office room

We are very happy with the work, and the fact that you were on time, kept everything very clean and you were very efficient.

Home Office 5

This bespoke home office was built in a tiny room that the customer in Acton, London, wanted to use every last bit of space and we did that, all the walls are covered in useful cupboards, drawers, shelving. Every last important item she wanted to store was measured, there is space for a fold up bike in the large cupboard which was included in the design, the shelves are all made to fit the customer, we don’t use any standard measurements, it’s all based on the space and how you want to use it, this makes it a time consuming process as nothing can be automated, every last piece must be checked.

Large twin desk facing window

We would not hesitate to recommend them to our friends and we would certainly use them again in future.
Rachel White

Home Office 6

This desk was designed to make the most of the light coming through the window as well as have a view to the outside world while working. They both have a double filling drawer at each end and a media unit with shelves when they want to take a break from work or do some research. This unit was built in a flat in Little Venise, London.

Floating alcove desk

Tristan and his team did a super job for us on our bespoke desk unit and alcove shelving with integrated lighting from start to finish.
Rob Wills

Home Office 7

This desk was built into an alcove but also it comes out along a long wall, it has no legs and is just supported with metal bars in the wall, we reused the drawer unit that we removed form the other side of the room because it was in perfect working order and drawers cost a lot, we just added new drawer fronts and sides. We also built floating shelves above it. Between the shelves and the desk we also fitted a metal sheet that could be used as a magnetic notice board. This unit was sprayed white as opposed to hand painted, this is more durable but more expensive. This was built in a house in Notting Hill, London.

Home office and drinks cabinet

From the first meeting I was impressed with Tristan’s attention to detail and his willingness to listen and understand what we required.

Home Office 8

This is a home office stroke display unit and drinks cabinet all in one, it was designed to fit around a wine cooler, it has a glass top for bottles to sit on, a glass on the shelf too for glasses which also make it look nice and there are round flush LED lights inside the unit that shine down towards the desk and ornaments as well as an LED strip on top of the unit that shines towards the ceiling. The lights are independently switched meaning you can either have the desk lights on and/or the unit lights depending on how you are using the room at the time.

Home office in Cambridge

You really are a cut above the rest and I am more than eager to recommend you to as many people as I can
Alex Green, Director

Home Office 9

This home office was for a house in Cambridge, Tristan went up there to measure up and did all the designs remotely from then on including Skype chats to make it easier to communicate the design and for the customer to easily describe what changes they wanted. The design was then given to Alex who is one of our Master carpenters and he took over the process from there.

Bespoke home office unit

You really are a cut above the rest and I am more than eager to recommend you to as many people as I can
Alex Green, Director

Home Office 10

This is a storage unit built to hide files behind doors below and hold lots of books
in the top open shelves with an open space to sit at and work.
Inside there is also a drinks cabinet with glass and mirrors.
The unit is all made of a pre finished white melamine coated wood with walnut melamine desktop.