Ash veneer storage cupboards

About this project

This is a large cupboard that we made in a side building of a church in Notting Hill Gate. It was designed to have a pull out shelf in the center to put an electric piano so that the organist can have a practice anytime she wanted. The center of the unit has shelves for books on traditional shelves and also there is a whole row where they can put the books with the face of the books forward. Each side has large deep cupboards and one is specially made in a to store some heavy tables, they wanted to be able to drag the tables into the cupboard without having to lift them into the cupboard, so the floor of the room goes all the way into the cupboard on that side and we fitted some skirting to the doors to make both sides look the same. We used Ash veneer for this unit and oiled it by hand once the unit was built.


“The whole process has been incredibly easy, and the communication has been really fantastic, so whenever we email or call we get a really quick response”