Media unit with drinks cabinet

About this project

This unit was designed to fit into two alcoves of different widths and to fit around a safe on the left, and to make the most of the chimney breast central alcove too where the Sky box etc are situated. The left alcove has a drinks cabinet with a tinted glass door so as to not make a permanent feature of it and when you want some atmosphere you turn the lights on, in the right alcove there are floating shelves that are spaced away from the wall and have lights behind them shining towards the wall giving a beautiful glow. The TV unit is designed to be easily converted for a different size or smaller TV if required in the future, under it is a removable panel that houses the central speaker, it is possible to change that sound bar for any other type in the future without affecting the design of the unit. The rest of the unit is designed to blend in and be flat and flush on the front with lots of doors that open to reveal tons of storage. This unit was painted using a plant based paint that contains no petrochemicals. And the wood used is Medite Eco that does not contain formaldehyde.


“The whole process has been incredibly easy, and the communication has been really fantastic, so whenever we email or call we get a really quick response”