Long modern wardrobe

About this project

This wardrobe takes a long wall that has ins and outs of different depths and places a wardrobe with tons of storage and a clean run of doors along the front which makes the bedroom much cleaner and minimal looking while adding all that space for hanging, folded clothes, shoes and even shelves with lips in front of the chimney breast for pants and sockets and small items so they don’t fall off the shelves. This wardrobe was built in Finchley, when you look at the gallery you will see the detail of the drawings we send you, everything is planned to the last millimeter, and you can change your mind as many times as you like and get unlimited drawing revisions, we are not cheap but we ensure that you get exactly what you want and we don’t put you in the diary until the final drawings have been agreed which ensures that we don’t rush to a deadline, rather we set the deadline after the most important part is done, the planning.


“The whole process has been incredibly easy, and the communication has been really fantastic, so whenever we email or call we get a really quick response”