If You Can’t Get Rid Of It – Make a Feature Out Of It!

When most people envision their dream home, they often perceive it as a blank canvas that meets each and every specification. In reality there are many elements of a room that cannot be changed but that fly in the face of the white picket fence ideal. Fortunately, bespoke fitted furniture is a fantastic option, and indeed the only way to truly achieve this flawless finish. Concealing every day eyesores takes a little ingenuity but flawless fitted furniture is an easy way to get the job done. Take a look at this furniture built around lights and speakers already fitted to the wall:


Nothing can kill the allure of a room faster than pipe work. Efficient but ugly, a cover up is often required. Serving a practical purpose ensures that pipes are not exactly easy to conceal and they aren’t particularly easy on the eye either. Adding attractive vanity units and compartmentalised cupboards beneath sinks is a great way to conceal ugly piping. It’s also a practical and efficient use of space!


For those with valuables to stash, safes work most effectively when they remain concealed rather than in plain sight. Fusing safes behind or inside bookshelves, cabinets and wardrobes merges security with practicality and an aesthetically pleasing design that will stand the test of time. The hidden safe is not only the luxury of billionaires – it can be a tangible reality for all who want to store their treasures.


Radiators on the wall can often ruin any plans you had for feature, statement furniture – and some radiators can be ugly too! Fear not – we can build a radiator cover as part of your unit to conceal the unappealing necessity. Alternatively, why not fit a modern, contemporary radiators which doubles as a work of art to complement the furniture?


Awkward jutting pillars don’t always scream style. Sometimes they really do damage to the aesthetic allure of a room. Concealing pillars with wardrobes, cupboards or strategically placed media centres can work wonders. The same goes for ceiling beams – if you opt for fitted furniture, shelving or bookcase units these can be incorporated into the design and carry on the lines.

Awkward Corners

The interesting fact about homes is that each home is as unique as its owner and comes with its own set of flaws that one person might consider charming but the next considers a deal breaker. Awkward corners can be hard to know what to do with but can easily be turned into the ideal placement for a made to measure home library, media unit or cupboard.

Extractor Fans and Air Conditioning

These little eye sores can be made much more appealing with strategically placed shelving and furniture design. Hidden in plain sight is the mantra here. For example, the air con unit can be brought into the design to become a part of it, rather than clash with the furniture and work against it.