Our Top Tips on Arranging Bookshelves

Built in wall storage bookcase with accent LED light shelves and low closets all painted White

Bookshelves make a fantastic addition to any room, serving both convenient and aesthetically pleasing purposes. Many people struggle with how to make the most of such a space but getting it right can make a startling difference. If you need some tips on how to breathe new life into an otherwise ordinary shelf, read on.


It can be tempting to go overboard and overfill a bookshelf. Just because a lot of space is available, doesn’t mean you should be making use of all of it. Make sure to take a step back and assess the overall balance of your bookcase. Mix and match a variety of items from books to ornaments and accessories. Use a variety of shapes and styles to create an interesting focal point for the eye.

Categorise Your Books

Add some order by categorising your books. You may choose to do this by title, publisher, even theme. In this way, when you go to your bookshelf any book you desire reading will be readily at your disposal. You want your bookshelf to be utterly practical. You don’t want to waste minutes trying to locate a treasured tome. A little organisation goes a long way.

Colour Code

Another great way to organise your bookshelf is to colour code either your books or the shelves themselves. Choose colours that live harmoniously together or add contrasting clashes that work, such as orange and green, to create an interesting appeal.

Chaos or Clean?

With bookshelves, you can either gravitate towards a clean and tidy look or go for something more eclectic and chaotic. It’s entirely up to you. If you opt for chaos, make it the organised kind with a mixture of items including books, ornaments, pictures and photo frames – even candles. The best kind of chaos has a sense of sanity underpinning it.

Add colour

Colour can serve many purposes. Paint the backs of your shelves to add a backdrop that lends depth. Whether you opt for all over colour or change it up from shelf to shelf, colour can boost the attractiveness of your bookshelf instantaneously.

Let Your Books Do Some Work

Use your books as strategically placed stands and holders to keep other items in their place. With a little tactical thinking, your books can serve a practical as well as entertaining purpose.

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