How to Design a Nursery

It’s such an exciting time when you’re expecting and there’s so much to think about, from eating the right foods to attending antenatal classes. Maybe you don’t want to plan the nursery until you know if it’s a girl or a boy – or perhaps you’d prefer a gender neutral nursery. The interior design experts at Empatika are on hand to give you all the inspiration you need for creating a modern nursery for your little one.

Top decorating tips:

Safety first

Of course you want your baby’s room to look warm and welcoming, and you want to decorate it to your taste – you’ll be spending a lot of time in there! But before deciding on any of the aesthetics, it’s important to consider safety first. Decide first where you will place the cot – everything else should revolve around this. Establish a safe zone around the cot such as no heaters, windows, lamps or cords and don’t place the cot directly against a radiator. Then it’s time to make it look perfect for your newborn.

It’s also important to keep everything out of your child’s reach. Toys, books and other decorative accessories should be kept on high shelving so tiny fingers can’t reach them. Check out our shelving gallery for some unique and creative ideas for modern shelves.

It’s also good to think about the kind of environment your baby is sleeping in. Try and use natural materials where possible, and paint based, solvent-free paints which won’t be harmful for your little one’s lungs.

Choose adaptable décor

Remember that babies soon grow up into toddlers, and then before you know it they are teenagers! To avoid having to redecorate every couple of years, choose adaptable décor that can grow with your child. Wall stickers are a great idea as they can be removed and replaced, but choose character branded accessories and wallpaper with care, as these are outgrown quickly.

Choose calming colours

For a nursery, make sure you choose soft, calming colours so it feels like a sanctuary for you and your baby. When your child grows older they can tell you what they would like – but for now, choose what soothes you.

Keep it simple

Parents-to-be tend to get overexcited when decorating their nursery and overfill the room with furniture and accessories. A nursery actually needs very little other than a cot, a changing table, a wardrobe and possibly a nursing chair. It’s easy to over decorate, so try and focus on just one central piece in the room.

It’s also a great idea to join interior design planning sites and inspiration platforms such as Pinterest, Houzz etc. We’re sure you’ll find so many ideas you want to try in your very own nursery. Here are some of our favourite nursery and children’s room designs:

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We love these woodland themes, which can be used for little boys or girls. The trees and birds are easily applied to any surface, and provide a focal point in the room. Let the little birds sing your bundle of joy to sleep!

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Maybe you want a surprise at birth, or perhaps you don’t want your child to be restricted by the gender ideals of our society. This gender neutral nursery example is also perfect for those who don’t care for bright colours and childish themes, which can look tacky. A sophisticated and stylish nursery which is also tranquil for the parents!

Colours on a neutral background is the perfect compromise. Again, ideal for baby boys or baby girls, using white is calming and adaptable. White walls, white shelves, white blinds and white bedding is a stylish option which is easily updated as the child grows. Use hints of colour such as wall stickers or artwork, wooden toy displays and cuddly toys to brighten up the space if needed.

If you need any advice on designing your nursery and adding some eco fitted furniture, please get in contact with the Empatika team.