Home Resolutions for 2016

2016 is here which means you’ve probably made many New Year’s resolutions – whether you keep them or not is another matter! It’s a new beginning and a fresh start for all of us, but why not think about something different to aspire to this year? If you know your health kick won’t last long or you’ll never be able to take that sabbatical and go exploring the world, then why not look towards your home.

Your home is your sanctuary, and as so it can never be given too much attention. Most of us give it very little, which means we can’t fully relax and feel happy in our own homes. Unfinished projects, clutter and bad design with the wrong colours can all leave rooms feeling uninspiring. Check out our top home resolutions for 2016 and you’ll be loving your house and having lots more dinner parties this year.

Go Bold or Go Home

See what we did there? Our first recommendation for the New Year is to redecorate one room, and be brave. Try something completely different, a style which is in contrast to the rest of the house or a bright colour you would never normally choose. When it comes to interior design, you need to experiment before you find your ideal style, and each room should have a different character. So don’t worry if it feels like the lounge and the kitchen are two different worlds – they should be! Pick one room and see how bold you can go with the walls and the furnishings. If it’s a success, you could revamp one room every couple of months for an instant update around the home.

Be Eco-friendly

One of the biggest lifestyle trends this year will be caring for the environment. People are finally waking up to the facts and realising that we must do something – and fast – to protect our planet for future generations. Every single person has a responsibility and can make a difference. Before you buy something brand new, ask if you really need it and if so could you buy it second hand to reduce waste? When buying wooden furniture check it comes from sustainable sources. You could also build a compost heap with the kids and check they understand the reasons behind recycling and turning off the lights when possible. There are plenty of ways to lead a more eco-friendly life, and now is the time to start.

Smart Storage to Declutter

If you find you’re simply always running out of space to store the growing amount of stuff, it’s time to find an intelligent storage solution. Investing in custom fitted furniture has a dual purpose – it keeps possessions hidden away where they belong, and also adds an aesthetic feature to the room. Clutter can make you feel stressed and reduce productivity, which is why it needs to be behind closed doors.

Investing in fitted furniture for the main rooms of your home which always seem to be cluttered is simple and makes a huge difference. From media units and shelving to fitted wardrobes and desk workspaces, choosing bespoke furniture means you can design the storage to work around your lifestyle.

Be Prepared

There’s nothing more stressful than feeling unprepared for what’s coming. You should get your home prepared for all seasons well ahead of time, which means getting the lawn mower out from the back of the shed in spring and buying decorations for Christmas as early as possible. You should always try and prepare yourself for house visitors too – you never know who may show up! So don’t leave that clutter in the kitchen and don’t allow that pile of ironing to take over your dining room. Run your home like it deserves to be treated and you’ll feel much calmer throughout the year.

What other resolutions do you have for your home this year? Let us know!