Storage Inspiration: Tiny Home Offices

Many homes now require a home office – whether it’s used as a working office or a study room, or simply somewhere to store the printer and check emails. However not all homes are blessed with the extra space needed to create a home office room. However, with a bit of creativity and expert fitted furniture design, you can construct an office absolutely anywhere.

Most homeowners transform a spare bedroom into a home office, but for many even that is a struggle with space. A lot of homes these days have that one small room which is so tiny, it’s difficult to turn into anything useful at all. Here at Empatika we say any room with a corner can be successfully converted into a home office. Read on for some of our storage hack and design tips for tiny offices.

Where to work?

Perhaps you live in a one bed apartment and can’t think of anywhere suitable where a desk can fit. Maybe you have lots of space in the conservatory but don’t have the plug points needed so it’s not a practical office space. Every homeowner will face their own issues when tackling the first hurdle – deciding where the office will be.

Here are some other things to consider:

  • Is it quiet and comfortable, and somewhere where you won’t be constantly disturbed?
  • What is the lighting in the area like – will it interfere with screens, is it not bright enough?
  • Can you keep the office door closed at weekends? It’s important to not let your living space encroach your office space and vice versa.

We’ve built home offices in all sorts of spaces, so don’t worry if you have don’t have a full room to convert. It could be the corner or a dining room, a conservatory, at the end of a bookcase or even in a dormant hallway. All you really need is a length of wall to build a desk and the required storage such as draws, shelves or cabinets.

The above office was created in a walkway to make better use of space. It has a desk which expands across three walls and appropriate shelving and draws for storage, with space for a radiator. The Empatika team can design fitted furniture around any of your home’s features.

Creating an Efficient and Calm Space

You won’t be able to work productively unless you have a clear, practical space which you have control over. The beauty of having fitted furniture rather than a mass produced desk is that you can design it from scratch. Do you prefer draws on the left and shelves on the right? No problem – it’s your working space, have it your way. Our furniture designers can also work with you to suggest ideas and show you how best to utilise space and ways of hiding unnecessary equipment and files when not in use. Our storage hacks will help you keep your workspace neat and tidy, so you can be more productive.

Another thing to consider to make sure a workspace looks clear and clutter-free is equipment and its accompanying cables. Just a computer, printer and tablet charger can leave wires dangling all over the place, causing hazards and spoiling the calm, clear desk. Designing your desk from scratch means the designers can work out where everything will be, so they can fit holes into the desk where needed for cables to disappear into their plug sockets out of sight.


In very small spaces, it may be so tight that you can’t even fit in a lamp on your desk. Again this isn’t a problem if you opt for fitted furniture, as you can choose to have lights integrated within it. This will free up even more office space and give a minimalistic look, with all wires hidden.

When space is tight, it really does pay to invest in bespoke office furniture. You’ll be presented with lots of space-saving options and you can choose what works best for you. Speak to a member of our team today to discuss your new London home office.