Quick and convenient ways to utilise space

Custom wall to wall veneered cupboards with 2 floor to ceiling closet doors on each side, center open shelving, and bottom cabinets and a drawer all with steel handles

So you’ve just invested in an innovative new home carpentry makeover and are wondering what to do with all your newfound space? Rather than gradually fill it up with mismatched household bits and pieces, why not put it to good use with some of these fantastic ideas?

Store new items

Have you always wanted to own an interchangeable cushion, throw rug, ornament collection but never had the space to pack away items that weren’t being used? If so, why not use your new found space to house newly bought homewares that will help you give your home a mini-makeover a few times a year? When winter rolls around, pull out the cosy throw rugs and faux fur cushion covers. When the summer months bring warmer weather, stow the winter accessories into storage and brighten up the room with colourful cushion covers, placemats and other decorative items!

Make room for collectables

Always wanted to start a novelty collection but could never quite find the space? Now’s the time to indulge your interests and treat yourself to the collection that you’ve always wanted! Whether it’s figurines, comics, coins, sports memorabilia or any other form of collectable items, your new found space is the perfect place to house your new hobby.

Print out all your digital photos

Ever felt nostalgic at the thought of old family photo albums and wished that you had the space to print out and store some of your own? Now you can! Instead of leaving all your digital photos un-viewed on your computer, why not get crafty and start making some photo albums that you and your family will treasure forever?


If you want to give your home an instant makeover, there is nothing more effective than a good de-clutter. Of course, you don’t want to throw out things such as your DVD collection so instead, why not relocate them to your newfound practical space? This will instantly help the room feel cleaner, spacious and less busy.

Create storage within storage!

Want to use one storage space to house a few different items? No problem! Make a quick trip to your local homeware store and pick up things such as small boxes and baskets that you can insert into the storage drawer or cupboard and use as dividers. This will keep the space tidy, allow you to house a number of different items and ensure that you will always be able to find what you are looking for.

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