6 Ways to Make Your Nursery Fit for a Royal

Now that Kate Middleton has given birth to her second child, royal baby fever does not seem likely to be stopping anytime soon.

Royal enthusiasts and baby-lovers alike have found themselves swept up in the craze and now everyone wants their child to experience the royal lifestyle. Your child may not have any claims to blood lines or titles, but with these regal ideas it’s easy to treat your bundle of joy like a little prince or princess.

Put them in the limelight

Prepare you child for a life of fame by constructing an area where all eyes will be on them. This can be a small stage, a screened off space or something as simple as a rug. Such a space tells your little princess or princess that when they stand in their spot they will be adorned with attention fit for a royal.

Commit to the theme

Whether you have a little sailor or explorer on your hands, be sure to commit to making their environment as authentic as possible. Prepare your avid explorer for the big wide world by making their space a treasure trove. Consistency is crucial – be sure to make everything as accurate as possible complete with a custom made chest bed and hidden cave packed with their favourite finds.

Encourage them to reach their potential

Nothing beats positive encouragement. Be sure to fill your nursery with objects that remind them that the sky is the limit. A few strategically placed pictures and the reassurance that they can do what they like can go a long way.

Royal Jewels

Give something to your child that sets them apart from mere mortals. A crown fit for a prince or a sceptre for a princess, anything that shows them that they are the royalty you say they are. No king or queen-to-be is complete without a crown after all.

Show your travels

Princes and princesses cannot be expected to stay in one place. Royalty are seasoned professionals at touring the world. Show your little royal the collections of your journeys from pictures to furniture. If you can’t yet pack up and ship out, colourful colour schemes with murals of far off lands, travel-inspired custom furniture and carefully chosen decorations can transform a bedroom to a safari adventure or even outer space with the minimal of effort.

Keep things tasteful

You never know which member of the monarchy will come to visit your little one. Keep things elegant and ensure that no one sticks out or feels uncomfortable in your child’s themed nursery. Using neutral colours and tasteful accessories make your royals little space the perfect area to be developed once they get older. Don’t make it tacky or garish, be sure to invest in fitted furniture such as beautiful built in wardrobes and cupboards to keep clutter to a minimum.

How would you make a nursery fit for a prince or princess? Share your thoughts and ideas with us on social media!