What Is The Sustainable Building Association?

Empatika AECB

The Sustainable Building Association is an innovative collaboration comprised of a network of organisations and companies committed to promoting sustainable building. The incentive focuses on enabling big business and the natural environment to flourish in unison, believing neither should be to the detriment of the other. Unifying architects, builders, housing associations, manufacturers, designers and local authorities beneath one umbrella, all members share and create their own methods for benefitting and promoting environmentally friendly, sustainable business practice.

Founded in 1989, the association is even more essential today than it was at the time of its initiation, as we see dramatic, dynamic changes taking place in the environment due to the negligence and irresponsibility of many big businesses. The association aims to help express and promote the importance of being environmentally aware and conscious so that companies and consumers alike can do their bit to reduce the daily damage done to the environment.

The association works in key three ways.

  • Firstly, it serves as a place where businesses with a common cause can unite and share ways of improving their business practice
  • Secondly, it enables this knowledge to be collaborated to create a set of easy to implement standards whilst helping businesses learn how to apply these standards in daily practice
  • Thirdly and finally, it works to lobby the cause amongst government and the construction centre to ensure that lasting changes are made and prioritised

The association is important because without it, businesses would not be able to accurately and adequately minimise and reduce the damage that can be done. In this way, the industry has a way to unite and act on their concerns. Several incentives already offered by the association include focusing on key areas of priority such as domestic eco-renovation and maintenance, reducing energy and C02 emissions, conserving precious water, reducing pollution, caring for and sustaining natural resources and biodiversity.

Empatika has long understood how essential it is to ensure that our business does not contribute to damaging our environment when it is already in such a precarious position. That’s why we focus on working alongside the Sustainable Building Association, offering beautifully crafted bespoke eco-friendly options. Such an industry can easily rack up a lot of unnecessary waste and pollution but by sourcing products properly and replacing certain items with other alternatives, staggering differences can be made.

We consciously work with the environment in various small and large ways that permeate the ethos of who we are as a company. For instance, we source our wood from highly sustainable, flourishing Irish woodland, ensuring that the wood is low formaldehyde. We also use low voc water based paints which have no negative impact on health. We also use a renewable energy source from GoodEnergy which is the UK’s 100% renewable energy provider. Our paints, woods and materials are sourced with the environment in mind so we tend to attract the environmentally conscious customer who understands the importance of making every purchase with nature at the forefront. We are proud of our involvement with the Sustainable Building Association and will continue to be members for as long as we are in the industry!