Eco-Friendly Hobbit House Reveals Charm Of Personalised Approach

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An eco-friendly, personalised approach to homes is becoming a huge draw for many and one of the latest examples of the emergence of such appealing popularity is one man’s construction of his very own hobbit home. Made famous by Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and enduring favourite The Hobbit, popularised by New Zealand director Peter Jackson, fans are familiar with the hobbit house as the epitome of cosy, comfortable charm. As the fabled home of the elusive hobbit, Michael Buck from Oxfordshire began a project to secure himself his very own little hobbit house.

The imaginative endeavour was constructed by focusing on three essential principles: Michael sourced local materials that he himself procured, he did not use any power tools and he focused on ensuring that the house was as affordable as could be so as not to break the bank. Michael was presented with particular advantages that benefitted the process. As he owned the land and did not require special permits (the home was considered to be a summer home), Michael simply had to have the determination, commitment and tenacity to see his gorgeous project through to its conclusion.

In true hobbit style, the house has no modern gloss including no running water or electricity. The house is heated by a traditional woodstove and though some may view the home’s lacking qualities as huge disadvantages, Michael had aimed to create a home as naturally and authentically as possible, evading modern day entrapments.

Michael’s stunning do-it-yourself approach reveals that creating an ambitious, bespoke, eco-friendly home designed to suit your specifications and tastes needn’t be costly and most certainly isn’t impossible. Although Michael’s project may be grander and more elaborate than most, he has made a truly engaging contribution that suits his desires and reveals that creating the home of your dreams can be a very real reality. As a retired arts teacher, we commend Michael for starting up such an innovative, environmentally conscious project yielding such fantastically inspiring results.

In interviews Michael has claimed that he wanted to show that building your own home is achievable and affordable and is a suitable alternative to paying for a home that might not truly fit the idealisations of your dreams. We are interested to see how Michael’s experimental project spurs on other creative homeowners looking to add a customised charm to their own homes. Watch this space.

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