How to Create an Efficient Home Office

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As an ever increasing number of people begin to work from home either part time or permanently, the home office is on the rise! Working from home requires a lot of self motivation and concentration so it’s essential to ensure that your home office is optimised to be as productive as possible. Our hints and tips will hopefully give you some inspiration and ideas!

Populate with Plants!

Man’s intrinsic connection to nature is often marred once we get to the office. We can start to feel drowsy, irritable and unfocused. Adding one single plant or a whole menagerie if you are so inclined is not only beneficial for your health but a great way to fire your imagination, sense of well-being and harmony and creativity. Plants help to clean stuffy, restrained air, decrease stress and help people to be more productive. In fact there are so many benefits, that it’s crazy not to buy a plant! For those with allergies or who are too busy to maintain a plant, synthetic options are suitable alternatives which remain a visual reminder of a little peace and quiet – however they don’t boast as many benefits.

Sort out your storage

Working well requires making the most of your space so you know what goes where and can have everything to hand as and when you need it. Starting as you mean to go on with storage is a great way to keep your space uncluttered. Succinct shelving, in-trays, draws and cupboards are great universal ways to keep things organised. You can use jars or small trays to store knickknacks like paper clips and pencils. A notice board or white board are large visual alternatives to cluttered post it notes!

Like your lights

Working at a computer for long, gruelling hours is terrible for our eyes and also for our health and wellbeing. We are supposed to take a short break every hour but most of us can’t really afford to do so when we have a tight deadline to meet or a fit to burst workload. That’s why selecting the right lighting installation is so important. Lighting should be eye friendly! Keeping that in mind, natural light is great if you can get it. If not, lights should be directed below your eye level so that they illuminate what you need to do rather than you! Lights can be filtered through UV blocking film or tinted glass to help minimise its impact on sensitive eyes. Desk lights can offer a softer alternative to bright overhead lighting.

A soothing seat

When sitting for long periods, comfort is key. Without it, you’ll feel grumpy, restless and possibly suffer chronic back pain. You can select special seating that is made to fit your body to ensure that you have a comfortable place to sit. Make sure you get up and go for a walk for a few minutes every hour to keep yourself sane! Fitted furniture also makes sure everything suits you and your workstation.

Stay Inspired

The great thing about having your own work space is that you can decorate it however you choose. Keep yourself motivated throughout the day with encouraging, motivational post its, messages, images or background music. After all, you are the boss in your own office.