Forget Spring Renovations: It’s All About Autumn!

For most people, renovations are a spring time affair but it’s now time to focus on the festive season that is swiftly approaching. The days are drawing in, a slight chill is permeating the air and all are awash with the excitement of the holiday season that is hot on our heels. It’s the ideal time to prioritise home improvements and furniture installations to immediately update your home in preparation for the festive frolics that lie ahead. Whether you are entertaining relatives or simply wish to wow the family, here are a few suggestions for immediate ways to update your home and wow your way through the winter chill.

Children’s Storage

With new Christmas presents on the way, creating a new storage space is absolutely essential. You’ll need a place to put all of those new gifts! Our fitted furniture design offers a bespoke service ensuring that you can pepper your home with made to measure cabinets, wardrobes and shelving units to store your children’s most treasured holiday gifts. It might even be time to completely overhaul the children’s bedrooms as a more enduring, long term gift.

Media Units

Ideal Christmas gifts are films, games and electronic gadgets. A media unit is the perfect Christmas instalment to create a beautifully bespoke entertainment centre to keep the family amused during the holiday season. The whole family and all of your friends can gather around to watch the latest releases, tried and tested favourites, play music or an assortment of enjoyable games to send the holiday season off in style.


Christmas can be a time of great clutter, particularly if your home is already fit to burst. A pre-Christmas clear out is a great way to make way for the new whilst doing away with the old. The focus here is on storage that holds and prioritises only your most treasured items without a load of excess that will look untidy. Stunning units with suitable storage are a great way to prepare your home for the holidays.


Most people love to read a good book during the cold autumnal months. Our bespoke service means that a new bookcase can fit right in to store all of your favourite reads, as well as artwork and ornaments for a truly personalised style to suit your tastes and home.

Display Units and Home Libraries

Christmas is a time of gratitude and appreciation so displaying your most treasured items is a great way to show them off. Home libraries and display units can add a highly decorative finish to any room. Illuminated panels can be added to really highlight your greatest gifts whilst creating a warm, harmonious feel.

Eco-Fitted Furniture

It doesn’t matter whether you want a new desk, an exciting new design, or a bespoke cabinet – if you want it, we can make it. Whatever you are thinking of, together in tandem we can make your dream a reality so that you can furnish your home just in time for the holidays with a personalised, unique look.

Don’t be put off by saving for the holiday season. It’s the perfect time to make a few loving touches to your home, completely within your price range and to fit in with your tastes just in time for Christmas.