How to Create the Illusion of Space

Empatika's Built-in Wardrobe on the Bedroom Wall

Although we may all long for marvellous mansions, owning studios and apartments is a swish way to live. The only setback is that sometimes small areas need to appear more spacious to prevent that sense of claustrophobia! Creating that larger than life look is not as unachievable as it may seem. Try a few of our tried and tested techniques to bring your home to life.

Commission Custom Built Fitted Furniture

Kitting out your humble abode with appropriate furnishings is not always an easy process. Most furniture opts for a one size fits all approach that fails to take into consideration the requirements of different homes. As such, the table that looks appropriate in store may engulf your living room once you get it back home. Choosing to commission custom built fitted furniture gives you optimum control enabling you to select sizing, materials, colouring and shape. Working with us to discuss the placements, positioning and requirements is the fail safe way to safeguard the future of your home in a classic, enduring fashion. Fitted furniture is also a stylish storage solution.

Opt for Light Colours

When it comes to colour, darker colours shrink a room and light colours enlarge. For space, it’s best to opt for light colours every time. White and ivory are classic staples but pale gold, baby blue and delicate pastels are also effective. To add refinement, opt for white walls tinged by a gold frame to add a point of interest. Ensuring that plenty of natural light is able to enter a room will also open it out; opt for blinds and light curtains that don’t barricade you in. You don’t want anything too busy; excessive patterns and colours can really shrink a room down to size.

Be Strategic with Mirrors

Mirrors are essential illusory tools that can effectively enlarge a room. If you can position your mirror opposite a window that allows a lot of natural light all the better. Mirrors are one of the most effective and affordable ways to make the most of a small space and work particularly well in small bathrooms.

Take the Minimalistic Approach

Small spaces become dwarfed by that which fills them. If you’re prone to hoarding, stashing or messy clutter, your home will shrink before your very eyes. The key is to invest in strategically placed furniture staples and positioning them in an appropriate fashion to make the most of the available space. Keeping the area clean, tidy and clutter free and cutting down on paraphernalia and knick knacks will ensure that your room feels bigger.

Plan Your Positions

When it comes to space, positioning is imperative. Placing items in the appropriate position can make a world of difference. Experiment with where you place your staples; does having the table and chairs by the French doors make the room look bigger? Does it suddenly shrink when you move the items to the centre of the room? You’ll soon get a feel of what works for you.