De-cluttering/Interior Design

I find that our clients want beautiful fitted furniture to increase their storage and the space in their home to better hide away all their clutter.

One thing that was missing from our service was the help you need putting your belongings away into your new fitted storage.

This is why we partnered with Helen Sanderson, as seen on TV. Helen is very much in tune with our ethos because she spends time talking with you to better understand the outcomes you really want.

Helen Sanderson is an artist, interior designer and coach. She creates beautiful, healing spaces that support people to manage the stresses of modern life. Her company Ministry of Calm specialises in restoring inner calm by creating harmony and order in the home.

In addition to her interior design practice, Helen also works as a personal organiser. Having seen the transformative effects that ordering and redesigning their spaces has had on her clients’ lives, she understands this meets a need for emotional and spiritual order, not just physical organisation.

Interior design

When your home is cluttered, disorganised and poorly designed it doesn’t nourish you. Working with you we’ll create unique spaces designed for who you are and how you live your life. We’ll help you clear the things that aren’t important to you and help you optimize the space you have.

We work with Empatika custom-made storage solutions that keep your environment clean and simple, and will help you organize and store your things in a way that means you can always find what you need. Our calming and clutter-free interiors will help you to focus on the things that matter most to you. Together we’ll transform your home into a place where you can really leave behind the stresses of the day, and will feel uplifted and energized.

Find out more about how we design healing interiors that nourish rather than drain your energy.

“With Helen’s help I transformed my tired home into a beautiful sanctuary. She has an amazing ability to create calm! Now I rest and enjoy my home in a way I never imagined before.”

Natalie, Hampstead.


Even before we start it’s a good idea to trim what you have. This means that when we design your furniture with you, you are only storing and displaying what you really want, rather than just building a unit which is compromising beauty for excessive storage to hold extra stuff that you probably don’t need. That way we can concentrate on making it as attractive as possible and still usefully storing all what you really want to keep.

When we have long gone, you might want occasional help making sure you are not accumulating too much in your fitted storage and that you are using your space efficiently.

“I highly recommend Helen’s approach, which really helped to push through my resistance around clearing clutter. The work I did with her cleared space in my life for great new things to emerge”

Debbie, Finsbury Park.

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