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The ideal wardrobe in your bedroom should not only cater for your clothes, shoes, and accessories in a convenient, adaptable, and stylish way. It must also blend with your home decoration and design. Empatika can help you build the wardrobe of your dreams and add sophistication to your home.

If top quality service, design, construction and finish is what you would like for your bespoke media TV units then EMPATIKA is the company for you. We are a small company and make all our fitted TV units completely bespoke, there are no standard sizes, we talk to you to find out exactly what you want and make sure that we understand exactly what picture you have in mind.

Bespoke bookcase in white with yellow pin lights by Empatika

Our Bespoke bookcases can be made any size that you require, they can fit inside an alcove, along a long flat wall or a wall with lots of different depth alcoves making the wall look straight from the front of the bookcase.

You will see many different examples of furniture we have made for people, and click on this link: built in shelves or the picture to the left to go to our gallery and many different photo galleries of work we have done over the many years we have ben designing and building fitted furniture for clients in London.

When you work from home, you can get better productivity with a bespoke workspace. Planning and designing a working space inside your home means careful planning and using every available space. The workstation has to be functional, but at the same time, convenient and comfortable. Getting this balance right in a limited space is a challenge, but it is certainly possible if homeowners make use of fitted home office furnishings built by Empatika.

A custom-fitted cupboard can allow you to get the best out of small spaces, with a style which is both functional and appealing. Where rooms have difficult spaces or unconventional layouts, and classic furniture cannot meet your needs, you can use custom-made cupboards to provide practical storage space.

Interior decoration can cause a problem for homeowners, particularly if you have a lot of objects that you would like to display. Without the right storage space, many of these items will have to be placed in the wrong positions, causing clutter in a room and creating discord.

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library,” once said Jose Luis Borges. Libraries offer a unique place in your home to relax and enjoy the company of your favourite storytellers. A well designed home library can offer you Paradise in your own home, with the assistance of Empatika London, the premier supplier of bespoke furniture.

For any parent, whether they are setting up their nursery for the first time, or trying to improve the look of an existing bedroom, it is important to have a team that can lead you through the process and create bespoke furniture which will be unique to the little one’s personal space.

These days many parents like you are looking for alternative natural solutions to the toxic chemicals found in our homes.

Many people are now looking for more than just fitted furniture, they are looking for ethically produced sustainable furniture made with eco friendly materials and paints, you can see more about the options we offer on our eco options page.

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