5 Investment Furniture Pieces That Every New Homeowner Should Have

Being a first time property buyer is an incredibly exciting time and turning a house into a home is one of the highlights of the entire experience. Investing in a handful of premium quality items and unique pieces that will last a lifetime rather than requiring frequent replacement furniture is essential to save time and money.  Whether you invest in all five or just one or two of these staples, they will make a huge difference to your home.

1.Fitted Furniture

Opting for fitted furniture is a great way to ensure that your preferential picks will always flatter your home. Selecting pieces that cater to the size and space of your home allows you to reflect the ambience and décor of a room. The majority of items that people purchase are pre-determined by manufacturers but opting for even one fitted item that will remain a mainstay in your home is a wise investment. It could be a desk unit for the home office or a bespoke bookcase for the dining room- choose whatever you think you will want forever.


Shelving serves both a practical function and also an aesthetic one. The majority of us fall victim to clutter at some stage or another but adequate shelving – that is, shelving that is neither too vast nor too small – allows us to store our possessions appropriately. Shelving can work as a useful focal point for the eye, especially when treasured belongings are laid out attractively. It’s a great way to make your most valued items take centre stage.


A bespoke wardrobe makes an utterly striking conversational piece as well as a storage space for clothing. As one of the largest items of furniture, a wardrobe has the potential to really dominate a room. Investing in a spacious wardrobe that fits in with your home’s style is a worthy option to bring a bedroom to life.

4.Media unit

As most of us have an endless array of technological devices at our disposal, a media unit is an ideal item to store our most valuable gadgets. Whether it’s a large television, games consoles, music system or speakers, you can create a beautiful communal area and showcase all of your appliances at the same time in one cohesive space.

5.Eco-Friendly Furniture

Eco-friendly furniture is the call of the future. Sustainable and innovative, opting for eco-friendly staples is an enduring way to consider our environment. Any item can be made to suit eco-conscious specifications. Source recycled or reused items to prevent unsustainable sources of woodland being felled.

And there you have it – the most important items of furniture you need to start a home!