Lights inside your fitted furniture.

Lighting really brings your fitted furniture to life, here are some examples of how we have used it before.

Close up of a metal satin surface mounted downlight.


These lights are recessed and just light up the top shelf the most and just skims the fronts of the other shelves for a nice effect.

This unit uses lights to highlight certain squares to give the shelving an irregular look within a regular overall pattern.

The top has lights shining towards the ceiling. These lights are all controlled by the switch next to the entrance of the door.

In this unit you can also see some LED strip lighting under the unit and at the rear of each shelf in the centre  they give a nice glow to the shelving. The lower LED section makes the unit look like if hovers on light.

This desk has downlights as well as an LED strip light shinning towards the ceiling. The LED strip and down-lights are controlled by separate switches.

Lights and glasses go well together.

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