Examples of Fitted Furniture Renders

Thank you for your interest in Empatika. Once you have had your dream unit drawn in 3D, one of the final steps you can do to check that is looks as you imagine is to have it turned into a photo realistic drawing. A render is a drawing that has been taken from a scale model that we have drawn for you and developed into a a realistic artistic impression of what your bespoke furniture will look like. It is best for you if you really struggle to visualise how things will look. Here are some examples of what your fitted furniture render might look like:

This is a render of an eco bespoke built in media unit built from scratch in London

If you would like to see the 3D scale drawings that we make for you before the renders you can see some examples here.

Thank you.

Click here to see more examples of the bespoke fitted furniture we can make you.

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