Feature seams or seamless fitted furniture

Here I will show and describe to you the difference between what at Empatika we call Feature Seams or Seamless.

Feature seam option.

This first picture shows a living room media display unit with feature seams running up the vertical uprights, the shelves are 38mm thick and uprights 36mm.

This different unit also has feature seams. Note that seams are not gaps, just features, lines that are very attractive. Some people prefer the more expensive and messier option of having every seam filled like in the examples later on. The shelves are also set back 5mm here.

This last living room TV unit is also made form 36 and 38mm and you can see the feature seams.

In this picture you can clearly see the vertical upright has a curved feature seam in it, seams have no gaps or hairlines, they are just a nice feature.

 Seamless option.

This Bookcase is totally seamless, you can see the uprights have no seams and look like they are made form one piece of wood. This is more complicated and messy as it requires a lot of filling and sanding. Although we are very clean and tidy and use dust extractors to keep dust to a minimum. On the left you can see the unit meets a wall and there is no seam there either unlike the previous pictures.

This is the same bookcase head on, the uprights are seamless, 36mm thick and the shelves 38mm thick.

This bookcase is totally seamless with shelves flush with the front making it look like the bookcase is carved out of a block.

This bookcase has 50mm thick shelves and is totally seamless with shelves flush with front.

This bookcase is seamless with shelves flush with the front.

Here this display unit seamless but all the shelves are also flush with the uprights. The shelves are 18mm thick, the uprights 36mm thick and the feature squares are 36mm thick to highlight them.

To view more of our pictures you can see the gallery on our website.

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