Fitted Furniture Testimonial from Dominique!

Today I received a testimonial from Dominique Schenck.

Dominique was a delight to work with, he was so enthusiastic about using Empatika for his contemporary living room unit and bedroom home office shelving that is really drove me to do my best. Dominique had some very specific ideas of what he had in mind and showed me many books about Contemporary Interiors as they are the leaders in the contemporary scene. (Maybe it isn’t a coincidence that I am Belgian too!)

I like to work with customers who really want to work with me and Empatika, I am not interested in people who just want a quote and any olde furniture, I want to deliver exactly what the customer wants. Empatika is a small company and we do everything to make our customers happy because in turn that makes me happy, and in life that is what counts to me!

Here are his exact words:

“Tristan offers world class service from the first interaction to the painting of the job. It is extremely difficult to get that kind of service in London. Tristan stands out for three reasons. His work fits perfectly the flat of the customer. He is very sensitive to aesthetic and he will respect the identity of a flat. The design fits naturally, not copied / pasted from other projects while offering flawless functionality. Tristan is also excellent in customer relationships. He assimilates very well the client’s brief, spends the time required to discuss all detail at length and never gives the impression that something else matters more than your project. The software tools are used very efficiently and make it extremely easy to design the furniture. He creates a very relaxed atmosphere that allows genuine cooperation / interaction from beginning to end of project. Lastly he delivers outstanding execution of the project. He delivered everything he promised, on time and with top notch quality. From design to painting, every single step is mastered and delivered as part of an overall world class service. His team is fantastic; they are very young guys, but very smart and excellent at their job, focussed on limiting disruption in the flat and respectful of the client’s property. Tristan, many thanks for your precious help!”

If you have very high standards and want someone who will listen and take all your ideas on board and turn them into something that suits you, without sheepishly agreeing to every and any of your suggestions, I am here to help you. It is important for me to say if I think that something you are wanting to do won’t work, and I will let you know and give you reasons instead of just flattering you, because if not, it’s you who will pay for a bad design in the end!

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