Handles offer a nice contrast, many of you ask for no handles, which is nice in many cases, but so are nice simple handles, and they are much more practical and easy to use too.

Here are some handles you can choose from or we can fit a handle that you supply us.

Stud Handles:

These are minimal stainless steel stud handles, I love them because they are the most minimal and a good option if you didn’t want any handles or wanted the smallest one possible.

Top routed Handles:

These are great if you want a totally minimal look, they only work though if you don’t have anything obstructing the handle, so that is on top of the door or below the top doors where you can access it with your hand.

This type of handle is only possible on doors that have an exposed edge and that are painted or oiled, not possible on melamine, although you can still open a door even if you don’t have such an indent in the door.

Rear chamfered handles:

I call these handles rear chamfered because there is a chamfer running along the whole of the back of the door, you need a gap above the door for your fingers to go through and grab the top of the door, this only works for doors, not drawers.

Bar handles:

These handles are stylish and the most practical with a good easy grip so they are the easiest to open doors and specially heavier drawers.

Rectangular flush handles:

These stainless steel handles are set into the surface of the door or drawer and won’t catch on you or your clothes.

If you have any questions email Tristan at info@empatika.uk

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