What does it mean to be Made in Britain?

As globalisation continues to spread its wings, the opportunities for international trade have skyrocketed. Yet while this is hugely beneficial, it is also incredibly important for the nation to support locally sourced produce that is grown, produced or manufactured on British soil. And the public agree, with a recent poll from DataHub confirming that 86% of Brits think it is important to support the UK manufacturing trade. Read on for a brief explanation that will help you grasp just how important it is to buy local!

Supports our national economy

One of the most resounding benefits of buying locally sourced produce is the support it offers to the national economy. While the current economic climate means that it is often cheaper to manufacture products overseas, this means that a large chunk of the profits are being released to foreign businesses. When the manufacturing is kept on British shores, British industries reap all the financial benefits which translates into a much needed boost for local and national economies.

Keeps the British workforce skilled

Nurturing the skills of young employees and investing in future workforces is a crucial part of ensuring the longevity of the British economy. If work is continually outsourced to international countries, young Brits are missing out on opportunities to learn new trades and build themselves careers. While it may be cheaper, in the long run international suppliers may choose to up their prices with the realisation that due to lack of skills and infrastructure, some products simply can’t be produced in the UK. Whether its custom made carpentry or livestock agriculture, keeping the next generation skilled and work-ready is of the utmost importance.

Creates new jobs across the country

Choosing locally sourced produce goes hand in hand with creating more jobs for people in your local area as well as Britain as a whole. When work is shifted offshore, jobs are instantly lost or simply not made available in the first place. Supporting local produce helps to create more British jobs and cultivates the growth of a healthy national economy with minimal unemployment.

Guarantees premium British quality

Another huge benefit of buying local is the fact that you are helping the country uphold its reputation for fine British quality. From beef and milk to clothing and furniture, when it’s made in the UK, you know it’s going to be of the best possible quality. Keeping British produce thriving will then help attract investors and help build Britain’s global reputation for first class produce.

Taking into account the above reasons, it’s evident that buying British has never been so important. Not only will you be supporting the national economy but you will also be investing in the next generation, creating new jobs and helping to promote Britain’s world renowned reputation for fine quality produce.