Organisation for Responsible Business (ORB)

To Tristan Titeux from Empatika, there are two important things that matter in business:

1. Doing the best possible for their customers.

2. Doing the best they can for th environment.

We are proud to be part of the Organisation for Responsible Business because it demonstrates that we take our fitted furniture business to another level of care. We don’t just do good business and give good service, we go far beyond that and make sure that we are totally ethical in the way our business is run.

We give honest advice and put our customer’s best interest first.

Tristan Titeux, Ethics are at the core of my business.

Tristan Titeux is the director of Empatika, he takes his work very personally, it is more than just business for him, it is a 24h job that he is passionate about. Being part of ORB  means that we care about our customers, we run an ethical business and we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. In fact we did all these things before ORB contacted us and asked us to join them, because it is something that comes naturally and from the heart. Tristan Titeux is a pioneer in the field of eco fitted furniture, this is something he feels he has been destined to do. Empatika was chosen by ORB as a responsible business because they recognised that we were a company that cares about it’s people and the planet.

A company that is endorsed by ORB is one that cares about it’s customers.

Empatika has many customers testimonials that verify the care given to each and every one.

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