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Who is Tristan Titeux?

I was born in London Paddington in 1976, and brought up for my first 13 years in a Belgian village in French speaking Wallonia near Liege.



View from up in the fields behind my house in Belgium.



Little me, Elga mum and Jose dad.


I spent much of my time in my dads shed playing with tools and making houses in the woods. I also learned to play the piano for 7 years which was inspired by the Boogie Woogie style of music, when I was 13 I moved back to London, I turned half my bedroom into a workshop where I made model planes, cars and took apart anything I could.

I am very practical and am very good at working things out if they are in front of me. I am also very visual and spent 12 years as a prolific photographer taking pictures of happy clubbers in nightclubs for every dance music magazine that ever existed in the UK. This experience taught me aesthetic and composition which now helps me a great deal when designing our customers furniture.

I started Empatika in 2003. I used to ride around Notting Hill with 4 tools bags hanging off my bike. I used to fix anything to do with wood in peoples homes, people trusted me to keep their homes clean and tidy and do high quality work.

They started to ask me to do bigger and bigger things and now I just specialise in designing contemporary fitted furniture and my company Empatika builds and paints them for you.

We mostly work for private clients in London but I have also designed and built bookcases and storage on various occasions for Westminster Abbey and TV home makeover programs such as “60 Minutes Makeover” on ITV and “Homes for the brave” on SKY.

I understand the issues people have with lack of storage, no matter what size house we live in, we never seem to have enough space.

I visit you, talk to you in detail to find out exactly what you need, I measure up all your belongings and really get to know what you want to use your space for. Then I go away, make some scale 3D drawings on computer, I can also offer you a photo realistic render so you can see exactly what you will get.

The thing that drives me forward is helping and satisfying others, there is nothing more satisfying to me than getting a top testimonial from a delighted customer.



Me building a wooden glider in my Notting Hill loft bedroom in 1989.



This is a render of a drawing of a fitted TV unit I designed with a customer.


Empatika’s story

This is an introduction about my path towards creating Empatika. If you really like stories and if you really want to get to know how I tick, here is another much longer one on my personal blog with pictures videos that goes more into my ecological roots, it will open in a new window so close it after to come back here.

So, In 2003, my life took a turn. I put an advert in the local shops advertising as a handyman, people started to call me and I rode around Notting HIll on my bike with my tools and fixed anything to do with wood in peoples homes, I never said no to any request and so started to do more built in furniture, at the end of this section is a link to the first bookcase I ever did, and it’s story. Three or four years later I took on my first colleague Val who is still with me today, I put my tools in the loft and took to the computer full time, I started to promote my business more and spent time on designing and marketing which I love.

In 2011 I got a bit bored with what I was doing, it was the same thing all the time and I wanted something more, I wanted to give more. I found what I was looking for after going to a business event where there were loads of very successful well known entrepreneurs and they made me feel that I could use my business to change the World. I have always been a big thinker, I think a lot, I am very ambitious and am never satisfied with how things are, I want to improve everything and make it all better for everyone.

I kind of inherited the name Custom Carpentry from a customer, sadly her husband who was a carpenter doing fitted furniture passed away and she said I could use his name and that she would pass me any enquiries he got. As mentioned above in 2014 I changed name to Empatika because I wanted to franchise my business around the UK, and with Custom Carpentry not being trademarkable I could not do that. I won a free place with the British Library on a ten thousand pound course which took me through my whole business and out came the name Empatika, based on our essence which is empathy.

That day, one particular speaker made me think… he said if you had five or whatever million in the bank and you could do anything what would you do, and that was what led me to bring out an eco friendly option for my business. I started researching materials and collecting them, doing blogs about them, videos, talking in schools. I started to look at the waste we were producing and brought out the Milo series of tables made from waste offcuts. I also produced some pioneering examples of fitted furniture made using the most eco friendly materials, design and ideas possible at the time.

I also wrote a book about it all called “Furniture for the Future”, “How what you buy can change the World”.

My mission is to ensure the whole fitted furniture industry in the World takes my lead and becomes sustainable as quickly as possible and on a personal level to be sited as the pioneer who paved the way. Because I have so much stuff about it on the internet many people come to me asking for all sorts of advice about being more sustainable.

You can see the first fitted bookcase I ever built here.

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