What it takes to plan for your fitted furniture.

When you buy a TV unit or other furniture from the shop you choose a piece of furniture you like the look of, take it home and then just put it in place.

When it comes to fitted furniture, you can’t just do that, you have to think of something that doesn’t exist, plan it then build it, and once your furniture is fitted, that’s it you can’t change it, so you need to make sure you get it right.

Here is an example of a bespoke TV unit and the planning that was required. Together with my customer Michelle, we spent many hours, face to face, on the phone, over Skype and exchanged many emails and many drawings to get the final fitted furniture she wanted.

Below you can see pictures from magazines that Michelle showed me as inpiration. The top left picture was an example of a desk she wanted to build into the unit, with a monitor. The black picture was to show a different colour wall in the back that she wanted. And the may one she liked the minimal design, square doors and the central bookcase she wanted to replicate.

Pictures as inspiration.

Then she also drew me some rough drawings too, the left one first, then the right one from which I drew the bottom left drawing in 3D with the desk. In the right drawing we removed the desk area as we thought it would compromise the look of the fitted furniture.

Detailed Drawings

Below is the final design, Michelle wanted a minimal look, so we have got doors, wall to wall, with no metal handles, just top routed handles. All the doors are exactly the same size to give simetry, but the top doors are tall doors routed with a detail to make them look like the small doors on the bottom. The central bookcase unit adds some organised chaos into the beautifully semetrical TV unit.

This is a higly edited selection of the many steps taken to get here, we had many different design variations and edits as well as drawings that showed where Michelle’s electricians where to put all the sockets in the walls, nothing is left to chance and everything planned in advance.

Final Drawings of the bespoke fitted TV unit

So that you can get the best idea fo what your fitted furniture will look like, the final 3D drawing can be rendered including the lights. This render below I am sure you will agree looks fabulously real and gives a great idea of the final unit if you compare it with the following photo.

3D Realistic Rendered drawing

Here is the final fitted Media unit, all working with lights to make it come to life.

Finished Bespoke Media unit

Minimal design

Attention to detail, a removable cover for transformer.

This picture shows a removable box in the top left hand corner that is fitted on magnets, behind it we fitted the transformers for the lights. This is important because if something goes wrong with them, this way they can simply be changed. I have seen many units with lights that don’t work, all because the transformers are burried behind the units. I don’t wish that to anyone, it is not good design and shows no care for the final user.

Top routed doors handles.

You can see more design ideas by clicking here in our: fitted furniture gallery.

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