Are you a reliable company?

If you are anything like me, you will not like being let down. I take it really badly when people let me down, I just don’t like someone saying to me that they will do something or turn up somewhere and they don’t, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

It just isn’t in my nature to do that to others, so I don’t understand it when people do that to me! If someone is going to let you down, they should at least warn you, I don’t mind if someone isn’t going to deliver, but at least if I know then I won’t sit there expecting!

Ok I do have high expectations of others, but I have high expectations of myself too, and I think others are like me! Well unfortunately that is not always the case, and when I do find someone who is, I treasure them. If I am dealing with a supplier for example, you just can tell if they are reliable, if they care etc, because they reply to your emails, they do what they say they will and that really impresses me. I believe in treating others how I want to be treated, and if we put a customer’s job in the diary, we stick to it, and if we can’t we give as much notice as possible about any problem.

I am the kind of person that you can rely on, if you tell me that in 3 months I have to be somewhere I will be there, unless technology fails me or I forget to look in the diary! I am human too and if that happens, well at least I have the decency to let you know!

I don’t like letting people down and I feel incredibly bad if I ever do!

I have heard so many times people complaining about tradesmen that where supposed to be here and there, and not only don’t tell you, but just go missing for days, then they reappear, and because you are nice, you let them back in again. To me that just says a lot about someone, someone who doesn’t care about other people!

I take my work very personally, anything that doesn’t go right is a failure by me, and I won’t tolerate that, I will do everything I can to avoid that and to resolve it and not do it again. We all learn from our mistakes, that is the way to learn, (I wish someone told me that early on, then I might not have felt like such a failure!) Luckily I have been learning from mistakes for over 36 years now, and being on time actually is one that I learned very early on!

I used to stress myself to make sure was never late, but I didn’t like being early either, I just always had to be there at the exact time, I mean that is crazy, a recipe for an early death, so now I say I will arrive between 10 and 11am or 7 and 8pm, and since then I have managed to get rid of a lot of stress! I love my customers, but I don’t want to die for them!

There are no surprises with Empatika, we know your time is precious, we know you have to get to work in the morning and we won’t keep you waiting and stressing that you are going to miss your early morning meeting.

If there is a problem and we are going to be late, we will let you know.

So just relax and know that if you have booked us two months in advance, we will be there on the day we said!

Happy days…

Tristan Titeux

Director of Empatika

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