We are eco friendly & ethical as standard.

In 2011 I decided to follow my dreams and offer an eco friendly option. I started researching eco materials and am now gathering up all the materials I find to tell the world about. You can read more about these eco materials on my personal blog. But even if you don’t go for an eco option you can still get satisfaction in knowing that we are an ethical company who care about our customers as well as the world around us. As standard we run on Renewable electricity supplied by Good Energy, so that means our computers, lights and machines are powered by the magnificent abundant free power nature provides us with. No one owns the sun, nor the wind or the waves, there is so much more power available there than there are fossil or dangerous nuclear fuels. And we prefer to encourage those good natural free energy sources. In the office we think carefully about what happens to our paper.

Like all businesses we get tons of paper through the post, we make sure we recycle what we can’t use, and anything else that is printed on one side only we keep to write on the other side. Once we have used that paper, we shred it and compost it so that it goes back into the earth and completes the cycle of life. We turn off our computers and lights when they are not needed, we use remote control devises and master switches that can turn off a whole load of sockets in one central place so that no machines are left on standby unnecessarily using electricity.

All our lights are low energy lights. To prove our ethical and green credentials we have passed the tests set out by the Organisation for Responsible Business (ORB) which recognise companies that make the effort to create a better world both environmentally and ethically. Empatika’s founder and head Eco designer, Tristan Titeux has come up with a series of furniture entitled ReCut that uses up all our waste offcuts we produce, as well as unwanted fitted furniture that we take out of peoples houses and random bits of interesting wood that we find on our travels to add variety in the tables and furniture we create with them, you can read more about the ReCut series here. We care about our customers, we run our business ethically as well as with environmental awareness.

We treat people how we want to be treated because that makes sens. “I don’t like getting bad service from others, I have recognised what bad service looks like and means and I do everything in my power to ensure we leave totally happy customers, that is the only way I ever want it to be, I want people to feel like they are being genuinly cared for, because they are.”

Tristan Titeux

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