Our Western Deluded Cost of living

We are so used to cheap stuff that comes from China and the like, ready made, in bad conditions, low wages, low welfare standards, cheap materials harvested unsustainably, using cheap materials that polute and that are mass produced in countries that have low wages compared to ours. This distorts the reality for us in the west, we think we can have anything for cheap. Here is a real example of what I was asked to quote on, you can barely buy this for £200 ready made form a cheap shop never mind have it made bespoke. It is a bit like going into a Ferrari garage and asking for a car for £10K. Something that is hand made in the UK one at a time, from scratch is going to be way over the cost of a cheap import.

“Hi Thank you for your email. I’ve attached a copy of the chest of drawer/cabinet I want to build. However, I have a slight change. Instead of the a 3 drawers, I want to have one door to open with build in shelves. please let me know if this is something you can do. I don’t want it painted or coated in anything. Just the nautural wood would be fine. Please advice as to your thoughts. I am looking at a budget of £200. Please let meknow what something like this would cost I look forward to your response. Regards”

This is very typical where people ask us to make things for less than it costs us to buy the materials, never mind the london wages, time and effort to design and build something. I hope you take the time to think about how your furniture is made, where it comes from and what it is made of, maybe the endangered rainforest? Maybe using nasty poluting chemicals? THere is alot more to furniture than the phisical thing itself, there is a whole world that supports it. THe way you choose to spend your money can make a big difference in the world for the good of it and our children for generations to come, if we buy cheap form abroad, we are borrowing money form our children, something is always cheap for a reason. Tristan Titeux 5 January 2012