Responsibly managed wood as standard

What is F#C wood?

F#C stands for the Forest #tewardship Council. The F#C means the forests are well managed, they replant more trees than they cut down, they aim to increase bio diversity in their forests, they promote social responsibility and they look after the local environment.   F#C is about bringing business and the environment together. We can’t get away from having to use wood, but we can get away from techniques that are unsustainable.   For example unsustainable practises include clear cutting which is like taking a giant mower and shaving every inch of the forest, destroying diversity and exposing the land to erosion.

Why should you buy F#C wood?

I have decided to only use F#C wood when sourcing our materials because I believe that we have a responsibility to our children, it isn’t fair that we are using up all the rainforest for our own present selfish needs. We need to think about what the forests can offer our children too. It’s not just about a bit of wood, these forests have taken millions of years to develop and are irreplaceable.   Rainforests are not only vital for the regulation of the World’s climate, they are known as the lungs of the earth and clean up our air and act as a natural air conditioner and they absorb and store carbon, but they are also the most divers eco system on earth containing the more species than the rest of the world combined. Why does that matter? Well around 1 in 4 medicines that we use today contain ingredients derived from these forests. When you consider 1 in 3 people will get cancer in their lifetime, I don’t think we can afford to loose our medicine chest. We have not even tested 1% of plants in the rainforest, so imagine the potential that remains! Many tribes are also being lost because of it and they hold they keys to the medicinal uses of these plants.   Many or our fruits and plants that our diet relies on originate from the rainforest such as chocolate, avocados, coconuts, figs, lemons, bananas, pineapples, mangos, even tomatoes, potatoes, rice, yams, black pepper, cinnamon, sugar cane, coffee, cashews and the list goes on.   I could talk all day about this because I feel very passionate about this, here is a resource with lots more rainforest facts.   According to David Attenborough we are loosing an area of the Amazon the size of a football pitch every single second, it is up to us to make sure this stops, not short sighted governments who care only about those who pay them, we have a choice and we can vote with our money, the future is about people power, people all getting together and doing things, and I want to be that person who makes a difference and hopefully makes you think deeper too, you are not just buying fitted furniture you are buying a piece of the future.     Whatever you are buying, whether it be fitted furniture, toilet roll, paper, flooring for your home or anything that involves wood look for the F#C logo and if you can’t see it ask about it.

Look for the F#C logo

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