Empatika Puts Heavy Emphasis on Natural Materials

A UK based carpentry business is crafting furnishings with a difference through the use of materials that are 100% natural and eco-friendly. Empatika uses a range of unique resources that are sustainable, renewable and are not manufactured at the expense of the natural environment.

As the world develops the destruction of natural rainforests and need for non-renewable fossil fuels is constantly on the rise. The rapid depletion is simply not sustainable and is set to have a devastating impact on future generations. Empatika is dedicated to making an environmental stand and ensuring that its entire manufacturing process is green and environmentally balanced.

Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable plant due to its ability to grow as fast as one metre a day and produce up to 20 times more timber than conventional plantation trees. The super plant also produces 35% more oxygen that other deciduous plantation trees which makes bamboo crops hugely beneficial to the environment. Bamboo plywood is strong, sturdy and watertight which makes it great for both interior and exterior building and constructing purposes.

Hemp board is another Empatika favourite that is both biodegradable and renewable. Hemp’s resilient properties mean that it can thrive in harsh environments and requires very little in the way of agricultural attention or growth enhancing chemicals and pesticides. Once harvested the plant is processed into construction boards that are renowned for being robust, durable and sustainable.

Empatika is also an enthusiastic user of recycled bottle glass in its bespoke furniture creations. Its flexibility to be melted and remoulded makes glass an amazingly recyclable material that can be reused time and time again. Recycled bottle glass is pure, natural and looks beautiful when used as a table top or set into shelving.

Tristan Titeux, Empatika founder says, “The use of wholly natural materials is becoming increasingly in vogue in interior design and it’s easy to see why. With beautiful, sustainable and renewable resources in abundance, we are able to really capture the beauty of nature. It opens up many new design possibilities – this is a really exciting time for design and we are delighted to be able to embrace so many eco-friendly resources in our creative process. It’s something that shoppers are increasingly demanding which is very significant.”

Empatika also works closely with a collection of environmentally friendly material manufacturers retailing innovative eco-products that can be used for a range of different purposes.

Kokoboard is a wonderful social enterprise that manufacturers particle board using natural agricultural waste products such as straw, grass and cocodust.  The finished product has a fascinating dappled texture and a range of environmental benefits that are gained through the recycling of agricultural waste. Like Titeux, the Kokoboard team are passionate about the environment and set up the enterprise to help put an end to the catastrophic level of deforestation occurring on a daily basis.

Ecopalm Ltd was established as a sustainable alternative to solid wood flooring which is a big contributor to the rapid depletion of the world’s timber supply. Instead, Ecopalm make floorboards from the trunks of coconut palm trees which are a natural plantation timber. The result is a beautiful solid wood effect that can also be used to craft furniture or act as wall cladding.

The world is becoming increasingly aware of the need to adopt environmentally responsible actions that will ensure the future of the next generation. Commissioning custom designed furniture with Empatika is a great way for the public to make a difference and start making sustainable choices that have a direct positive impact on the natural environment.