Empatika Launches Eco Material Talks Designed To Educate and Inspire Young Children

Environmentally conscious carpentry business, Empatika is helping to inspire the next generation of global guardians in the form of educational eco material talks and workshops. Empatika is a UK based company that specialises in designing and crafting contemporary bespoke fitted furniture that is natural and environmentally friendly. The company is dedicated to its sustainability policy and ensures all its materials and suppliers are eco-friendly and environmentally aware. Conducted by company founder Tristan Titeux, the talks are designed to educate young children on the importance of saving the environment and inspire them to make eco-friendly choices that will be hugely beneficial for the future.

Titeux says, “My mission is to help people make a positive difference in the world with the choices they make! With them I want to speed up the process of moving towards a necessary sustainable future where everything moves in cycles, is recycled and doesn’t pollute our world… I want to encourage biodiversity by promoting the use of varied and especially natural materials.”

The talks and workshops see Titeux accompanied by a range of different eco materials that are sourced from interesting and unlikely natural resources. These include a variety of composite boards made from natural and recycled materials such straw, hemp, bamboo, grass, peanuts, coconut. Recycled bottle glass is hugely popular amongst students as are building materials made from recycled plastic and discarded CD’s and DVD’s. Students are also shown a collection of natural materials and fibres used to make insulation, carpets, flooring and upholstery materials as well as educated on the benefits of plant based paints and plasters.

Students are given the opportunity to look, touch, smell, analyse and ask questions about any of the materials on show. The talks are a wonderful way to help ensure that future generations are made aware of the impact humanity is having on the environment and the choices that can be made to ensure the world remains healthy and productive.

Titeux’s well-known Milo table has also been known to make an appearance. The unique waste wood creation represents the potential to stop the millions of tons of yearly wood waste and instead utilise it to make everyday home furnishings. Actions such as this help reduce the burden on landfill sites and are a great way to bring eco-friendly choices into any home. There are a range of educational benefits to be gained from the talks including an appreciation for the importance of sustainability and recycling, a rounded understanding of environmental destruction, a developed awareness of how to make a difference and a range of eco-friendly ideas and inspiration that can be incorporated into school and home life.

Empatika  eco material talks and workshops are a fascinating opportunity for students and teachers alike to explore natural materials and gain a better understanding of the ways in which the environment can be sustainably utilised.

Talks and workshops can be specially tailored to suit specific educational needs and cover any relevant subject on request. Prices for Empatika talks and workshops start at £150 plus vat and travel expenses.