5 Reasons You Should Have a Living Plant in Your Home

Indoor plants are a hugely popular option amongst home owners across the globe, from miniature ferns and single statement orchids to towering palms and vertical indoor gardens. They are a great way to bring the outdoors in and make your home seem fresher and more alive. As well as looking great, indoor plants also offer an array of health benefits! Read on for the top five reasons why you should have a living plant in your home:

1. Plants improve the quality of indoor air

Living plants have been scientifically proven to clean the air and help eliminate dangerous chemicals such as VOCs that can cause headaches, nausea and other undesirable effects. VOCs and other toxins are found in a surprisingly large number of household furnishings such as carpets, curtains and furniture. If you aren’t able to immediately check for toxins and remove offending items from your home then plants are a helpful way to absorb harmful chemicals and cleanse the air. This is particularly beneficial in homes that have little ventilation or are often shut up to keep out the cold.

2. Reduce stress and encourage healing

Studies have shown that rooms containing plants can help to ease stress as well as lower blood pressure and heart rate. According to research conducted by the Kansas State University, adding plants to hospital rooms significantly increased the recovery rates of patients who had undergone surgery. Levels of fatigue and anxiety were also decreased which makes plants the perfect all natural stress reliever for your home.

3. Balances humidity

The photosynthetic and respiratory processes that plants undergo make them the ideal alternative to humidifiers that are designed to soften the air. Recommended humidity comfort levels sit at around 30-60% however these can significantly drop due to things such as air conditioning and heating. Low humidity can lead to problems such as fatigue, headaches and respiratory problems. Plants release around 97% of the water they take in which makes them great natural humidifiers for any home!

4. Plants prevent allergies

Exposing your children to indoor living plants is a great way to build up their immunity and tolerance towards allergens. A child that has grown up around house plants and clean, purified air will be far more enduring. Research has also shown that house plants can help reduce colds by up to 30% which means less sniffles and nasty coughs.

5. Increases environmental awareness

As well as having an array of positive health benefits, house plants can also serve as a living reminder to make environmentally friendly choices and encourage a greener lifestyle. The simple act of nurturing a plant can instil a sense of environmental awareness in both yourself and your children. Whether it reminds you to buy eco-friendly cleaning products or prompts you to donate to an conservation charity, living plants are a great way to keep your body, your home and your world both happy and healthy.   Remember, there are no benefits to having dead or dying plants in your home so remember to water your indoor plants and give them plenty of nutrients!