The Guild of Master Craftsman

The Guild of Master Craftsmen is the UK’s most recognised trade association which was established to assess, promote and support excellence in workmanship.  Its major purpose is to safeguard the interests of the public and prevent the commissioning of rogue tradesmen and unskilled ‘professionals’ posing as master craftsmen. This is a growing problem in today’s society which makes the Guild more relevant and necessary than ever. The Guild website is a reliable and trustworthy solution to the problem that offers the public a comprehensive platform to search for certified Guild approved craftsmen in a huge range of areas.

The Guild represents over 400 varied trades that encompass all areas of fine craftsmanship. The majority of Guild members consist of contemporary craftsmen such as carpenters, plumbers, roofers, interior designers, electricians and flooring professionals. The Guild also extends to more traditional crafts such as French polishing, furniture upholstering and restoration, blacksmithing, thatching, stonework and masonry. Whatever your craftsmanship need, the Guild will suggest a qualified, trustworthy and reliable certified trader!

Membership is governed by a set of defining aims and objectives that are put in place to ensure the Guild remains a community of dedicated, passionate and trustworthy professionals. These include instructions such as “to bring together all skilled people engaged in a craft, art, trade, profession or vocation in order to safeguard the interests of craftsmen and the public” and “to promote research within the craft, trade, art, profession or vocation in which members are engaged, thus benefitting both members and the public.”

The Guild of Master Craftsmen is also dedicated to passing on skills and nurturing the development of young craftsmen and apprentices. Another of the aims and objectives states the Guild is committed “to foster learning among apprentices and students in order to perpetuate the survival and success of their particular craft.” This will make sure that the next generation of craftsmen are as equally as skilled as their predecessors.

To ensure a craftsman of the highest quality look for a Guild of Master Craftsmen emblem. The emblem is reserved for the exclusive use of Guild members and guarantees the supplier is a tradesman that can be trusted with the Guild’s prestigious seal of approval. This is the logo you should look for!

Tristan Titeux is a certified member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen and can be found on the website at this address: