Empatika Joins Forces with Helen Sanderson

We have recently partnered with interior designer, artist and life coach Helen Sanderson to deliver a complete and bespoke interior design service.  Helen also works as a personal organiser, helping people free their home and lives from unnecessary clutter.  By joining forces we are giving customers a life changing service, and helping people create the calm spaces they crave.

Here at Empatika, we realised that people come to us because they need more storage in their homes, and want it to look attractive. People often ask us about colours and so Helen’s interior design services are a perfect addition.  We offer a completely customised service, discussing our customer’s needs and exactly what they want to get out of their fitted furniture.  But, in trying to organise their lives, our customers then often fill their new fitted furniture with clutter and items they no longer need, making our service less effective of time, money and effort.

Helen’s expertise in personal physical organisation is linked to emotional and spiritual order, which is affected by clutter and mess.  She specialises in restoring order and harmony in the home, and helps people find their inner calm by creating special healing spaces to manage the stresses of modern life.  Helen’s knowledge in de-cluttering and interior design has been featured on television and she has transformed the lives of hundreds of people.

Our partnership with Helen Sanderson is completely natural, as we have a common goal for our clients – to optimise the space they have and consequently improve their wellbeing. Our custom-made storage solutions and de-cluttering service keeps your environment clean and simple, and will help you organize and store your things in a practical way (no more searching for days and replacing items you’ve lost!) Our calming and clutter-free interiors will help you to focus on the things that matter most to you. Together we’ll transform your home into a place where you can really leave behind the stresses of the day, and will feel uplifted and energized.

For more information about Empatika and Helen’s joint services, please contact us to find out more.  For a limited period we are offering discounts to people who use our joint services – stay up to date by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.