Furniture for the Future: A Must Read!

If you have a passion for beautiful furniture and environmentally conscious living, Tristan Titeux’s Furniture for the Future is an absolute must read! As the founder of ethical and eco-friendly UK carpentry business Empakita, Titeux offers readers an intriguing glimpse into his thoughts on furniture, sustainability, healthy living and everything in-between.

As the modern world continues to develop, the natural environment is being put at increasing risk. According to Titeux, the fitted furniture industry is one of the key players in deforestation and has the potential to increase and improve its sustainability credentials by tenfold.

While it does make for a pretty coffee table book, Furniture for the Future is an insightful and educational publication brimming with information on innovative natural and sustainable materials. These include a waste straw product known as Flexi Straw and Eco Palm, which is manufactured from coconut palm wood. By promoting and increasing awareness of these unique building materials, Titeux hopes to inspire the industry to take steps towards becoming greener, healthier and more sustainable.

“Today we have too much, we value little and don’t understand or know where our products come from, how and by whom they’re made, nor how the materials affect the world and our health and future,” he explains.

As a passionate environmentalist, Titeux also gives readers a rundown of his views on the current state of the natural environment and the absolute importance of sustaining its riches for the future generations. As well as sharing his own personal thoughts and opinions, the book is also backed with extensive research and cites several well respected sources including the US Geological Survey, which warns that within the next 100 years, the world will have completely depleted its natural mineral sources.

Titeux explains his motives behind writing the book, explaining that he aims “to inspire you to look deeper into what you buy and already have.”

Of course, as well as a passion for environmental activism, Titeux’s love for beautifully crafted furniture shines through in every page. The author maintains that as well as being sustainable, recyclable and eco-friendly, furniture should encompass beautiful design, multi-functional purpose and stand the test of time.

Furniture for the Future is available to purchase from his company website in hardback for just £25. For those that prefer the convenience of listening, Furniture for the Future is also available in audio book format for just £20 or PDF version for £10.

Whether you’re personally interested in the thought provoking content or are on the search for the perfect gift for a carpentry/eco loving friend, Furniture for the Future is a unique and inspiring read that appeals to people of all ages.