Natural Reigns Supreme

Natural materials have an array of amazing advantages that are hugely beneficial to health, wellbeing and the natural environment. Their strength, durability and aesthetic value means there is absolutely no need to use products that are detrimental to the environment, contain harmful toxins or do not support sustainability.  Here are some of Empatika’s favourite natural materials that look great and are eco-friendly!


Bamboo is a super plant that has been known to grow as fast as one metre a day! This means it can produce up to 20 times more timber than other trees that are planted on the same land. This short cropping cycle means it is a hugely sustainable material with vast environmental benefits. It is also strong, dense, sturdy and water tight which makes it perfect for building and construction. As well as these structural benefits, bamboo produces 35% more oxygen that deciduous trees which makes it incredibly eco-friendly.

Hemp Board

Hemp is an amazingly vigorous plant that grows extremely fast in harsh and nutrient lacking environments. This means it requires very little attention and next to no growth enhancing chemicals. It is both biodegradable and renewable which makes it 100% eco-friendly. Processing hemp into construction boards makes for a sturdy, durable, sustainable and versatile building construction material.


Kokoboard is a fantastic social enterprise that uses agricultural waste such as straw, cocodust and grass to make Particle Board. The organisation was established by a group of individuals with a shared passion to put an end to deforestation and save old growth forests for future generation. Kokoboard has an array of great environmental benefits such as decreasing air pollution, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and slowing down the global warming. It also has a beautiful unique texture and is free from harmful chemicals and toxins.


Willow is a natural and healthy material that can be crafted into beautiful and unique home furnishings such as baskets, boxes and furniture. Purchasing locally made willow products from environmentally sustainable manufacturers is a great way to help the environment, boost the local economy and fill your home with stunning natural products.

Recycled glass

The ability to recycle, melt and remould glass makes it a fantastically eco-friendly material. The unique finished product makes for a gorgeous addition to all kinds of fitted furniture including table tops and shelf inlays. Approximately 600,000 tonnes of glass is thrown away each year, most of which ends up in landfill. Using glass as a renewable material is a great way to ease the pressure on landfill and do your bit for the environment.   Empatika is an enthusiastic user of all of the above materials. They are used to create bespoke furniture creations that are 100% natural, safe and green. Their eco-friendly nature falls perfectly in line with the Empatika sustainability policy and its dedication to making healthy and eco-friendly living choices.