How To Spring Clean Your Home Without Using Harsh Chemicals

Spring is just around the corner and with it comes the prospect of the annual ‘spring clean’ that sees the house purged of dust, grime, dirt, junk any other undesirable substances that have built up since last year. It is a great way to refresh your home and make it sparkle with cleanliness! Many people are under the impression that to achieve the ultimate springtime sheen a bucket full of harsh cleaning chemicals need to be employed. This is not true! Step away from the domestic cleaning isle and take a look at our top tips on how to spring clean your home the eco-friendly way!

  • Baking soda is a great stain remover and can be applied to carpets and upholstery to help get rid of that pesky wine stain that’s been hanging around since Christmas. It also doubles as a general purpose cleaner that can be sprinkled onto carpets and then vacuumed up to neutralise odours.
  • The humble baking soda is also fantastic for cutting through grease and grime guild ups in the kitchen. Combine with lemon juice for a super charged oven cleaner!
  • There is no need for that bright blue toxic smelling window cleaning spray. Instead you can use vinegar to remove grim and make your windows sparkle! Placing a medium sized bowl of vinegar on the top shelf of your dishwasher is also an eco-friendly way to clean the machine and break down any build up in the pipes.
  • Making your own all-purpose cleaner is a great way to save money, help the environment and keep your home chemical free. A mix of tea tree oil and lemon juice has proven anti-bacterial properties and works wonders on tiles, countertops, benches and floors. And it smells great!
  • Instead of buying air fresheners packed full of phthalates try making your own using your favourite herbs, fruits and essential oils. Cinnamon, cloves and dried orange peel creates a wonderfully homely smell and also looks amazing put on display in a bowl. Thyme and lavender are also age old favourites. As well as dried fragrances, burning essential oils is another great way to make your home smell divine.
  • Combining corn starch and water to make a thin paste is a great alternative to that fume emitting furniture polish. A fusion of olive oil and lemon juice is also highly effective and smells delicious!
  • Natural cleaning methods can also be used in the bathroom. For an effective soap scum remover try mixing salt and baking soda with a dash of lemon juice. Boom! Soap scum disappears.

So there you have it – a range of healthy, eco-friendly and chemical free ingredients and recipes that will have your home positively radiant with spring time cheer. There is no need to stock up on harsh cleaning products. Instead hit the fruit isle, baking section and spice rack to create natural cleaning products that work just as well!