World Environment Day

On June 5th 2014, nations across the globe will come together on planet earth to celebrate World Environment Day. The celebrated event is the biggest day for positive environmental action, hosted by the United Nations. Celebrated since 1972, it has grown to be a broad, global platform for public outreach which encourages awareness and action of the environment. Each year, participants across the globe organise and take part in clean up campaigns, tree planting drives, recycling campaigns as well as concerts, exhibits and social media campaigns themed around caring for the planet.

Barbados is the host country for World Environment Day 2014, and has been chosen for its cutting edge approach to the effects of climate change. The theme for this year’s celebrations is ‘Small Island Developing States and Climate Change,’ which Barbados has proved by leading the way in renewable energy. The global spotlight will be shone on the Caribbean island, who will be given the opportunity to showcase their rich culture and sustainability triumphs.

So how can we get involved on this island, millions of miles across the world from Barbados? Celebrations of World Environment Day happen across 100 countries worldwide, with events taking place from 1st -10th June. Many schools will be conducting special assemblies and teaching the importance of caring for our environment. But World Environment Day is an opportunity for everyone to become an agent of change, and realise the responsibility lies with us. Every action counts, and you can easily register any activity you like on the World Environment day website.

Schools, businesses, community groups, church groups and groups of individuals are invited to organise and set up events or celebrate in any way they see fit. Stand up and raise your voice for the environment and a number of green issues including climate change and sustainability.

Here at Empatika sustainability and caring for our planet is top of our agenda, which is why we offer our customers a number of eco-friendly options and only ever use F#C approved wood. We also support numerous charities and trusts who are involved in replanting Britain’s forests.

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