Introducing The Eco-Friendly Car Made From Hemp

For many, the term eco-friendly is still seen as a bit of a trend. Something that only eco-warriors or the very rich partake of. Now, the move towards eco-friendly developments has taken a turn in a stunning new direction. Owing to the versatility of hemp, renowned for its uses as a medicine, fuel, fabric and garment, an eco-friendly car has been developed that could change the future as we know it.

Developed by Canadian company Motive Industries Inc, the Calgary-born car is presently the world’s most eco-friendly design and has been dubbed ‘The Kestrel.’ Although hemp is illegal in many parts of the world, in Canada this is not so. The Canadian Government enables hemp farming and recognises the limitless potential, benefits and advantages of such a plant when used in conjunction with a range of futuristic, eco-friendly inventions.


The exciting development could herald a new future of cars whereby durable, resilient, aesthetically pleasing vehicles both take us from A to B in style and don’t pose a hindrance to the environment as they do currently. Cars made from hemp could be just the solution we are all looking for. It’s exciting to see such a dynamic development, especially in a time when the world is calling out in its greatest, most despairing need for innovative, proactive change. We are all aware that our vehicles cause some of the greatest environmental damage, making such an invention a beacon of hope in otherwise dark times.

Scientists themselves are heralding the hemp car as the car of the future. Australian and British researchers are attempting to use plant based materials including hemp and elephant grass in place of traditional materials such as plastic and metal-based components. Such materials are more light weight and as they are biodegradable, magnify the efficiency of fuel.

Made entirely from hemp, ‘The Kestrel’ is compact in size and able to fit a family of 4. With a top speed of 90 kilometres, roughly translating to 56 miles an hour, the car is able to go for up to 100 miles before it requires a recharge. Created from mats of hemp, the car itself is impact resistant, durable and thoroughly resilient and is bound to change the public perception of hemp as a viable, sturdy, dependable resource.

If the idea seems somewhat familiar to the public, Henry Ford was the first to put into practice the idea of an all-hemp vehicle in the 1930’s. The prohibition of cannabis and preference to alternative materials such as steel ensured that the idea did not take root. No doubt such an invention will call into question controversies surrounding the legality of hemp and whether this will be a one-off or an enduring, dependable transformation to the automobile industry.

The use of hemp is genius as hemp complies with every eco-friendly law known to man. Could the future see citizens driving clean, environmentally conscious cars? The backlash towards hemp may partially be owing to the damage posed to key industries if such eco-friendly alternatives
caught on but surely such developments can only be a positive thing, and we at Empatika think that this innovation holds the key to the future.

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