Exhibition on the SCIN stand at the Surface Design Show

Empatika was asked to exhibit some examples of some sustainable floating fitted shelves on the SCIN stand.

Tristan Titeux, Director of Empatika standing by his Bespoke floating shelves made with Eco Materials.

As well as Empatika there where some other people on the SCIN stand that I found interesting. Carola Wochner is an interiors artist who makes modern art pieces inspired by nature:


Interiors Artist Carola Wochner with her straw mat sculpture.

The art of Miles Watson: http://mileswatson.com/ at the SCIN Gallery stand. These two examples are of Trios, you can see three different images depending on where you look from. There is an example of this in Portobello Road under the Bridge and if you walk in one direction you see one thing and when you walk in the other direction you see another. It is a great way to colour a dull wall in the street, or even in a long corridor or in an airport.

The art of Miles Watson as can be seen under the bridge in Portobello Road, London

Also on the SCIN stand were some tiles made from coconut shells.


Coco Mosaic Coconut shell tiles.

Kebony is a totally amazing material. It replaces exotic hardwoods because it is treated using a totally natural product made form the waste liquid you get from producing sugar from beet and sugar cane, making a totally non toxic durable outdoor wood.


Kebony is a totally amazing sustainable alternative to tropical hardwoods.

Burlington Stone use up all the stone they dig up without wasting the smaller bits, they also filter all the water they pump out of mines in order that they don’t pollute watercourses. http://www.burlingtonstone.co.uk

Burlington Stone exhibiting on the SCIN stand

While  I was there I had a look at some other exhibiting materials on show.   Pavegen Making power using human step. These lights where powered by people walking on them.

PaveGen take the power of humans walking on their tiles and turn it into electricity.

I love the effect on this panel, is is absolutely beautiful!

I love this Banana veneer made from organic bananas.

I love the way these planks are all wonky but fit into each other perfectly.

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