Empatika: Proud Member of the Organisation for Responsible Businesses

Have you heard of the ORB? (Organisation for Responsible Businesses for those not in the know). The business membership organisation is especially for SMEs that wish to engage in the responsible business agenda. Responsible business brings together many buzz words which are thrown around nowadays: sustainable business, green business and ethical business. It is also referred to as Corporate Responsibility (CR) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS).

You’ll probably have noticed that many companies have now started to shout about their green credentials, and how they care about their impact on the environment. This is because more and more laws and regulations are coming into place which force businesses to be more responsible. However, Empatika voluntary joined the ORB four years ago, as we have a true passion for caring about the world we live in, and thrive on sustainable design and materials.

Being part of ORB means a company runs an ethical business and takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. It also shows that a company cares about its customers, as people of a dying planet. Doing the best work possible for its customers goes hand in hand with doing the best work possible for the environment.

To become a member of the Organisation for Responsible Businesses, companies must take a questionnaire to see how they rank in terms of social and environmental agenda. It’s a useful tool which allows businesses to think about how they operate in new ways, and the questionnaire provides an immediate score and detailed responses and advice when it comes to improving the green credentials of the business.

There are five key areas which businesses endorsed by the ORB need to commit to. Here’s how Empatika demonstrates these values:

Workplace: Responsibility starts when you have employees, and we have a great team of designers and craftsmen here at Empatika. However, our workplace is usually other people’s homes, which is a huge responsibility, so it is imperative that we respect our workplace at all times. If you take a look at any of our testimonials these will assure you that we are always neat and tidy and treat your home like we would our own.

Environment: Empatika and especially its owner, Tristan Titeux, puts the environment at the centre of everything they do. As an environmental activist, Tristan loves using recycled materials and only ever uses wood which is sourced responsibly. Empatika prides itself on its eco fitted furniture, and has plenty of eco options for environmentally conscious customers. The company also supports various environmental charities in a number of ways, such as the Woodland Trust and the World Land Trust.

The Marketplace: This is a social value which is undoubtedly upheld by Empatika, as everything supplied is from the UK and of course the furniture it creates is Made in Britain.

Community: More businesses are now taking a vested interest in the community and supporting a variety of local projects. As part of his commitment to the community, Tristan goes into schools to teach about the environment and the importance of sustainable materials.

Values and Transparency: Businesses need to act in an open and honest manner, and unfortunately not all of them do. Empatika strives to be transparent about every aspect of how we work, and our values are set out clearly on the website.

If you’d like to find out more about the ORB, then click the logo below.