Biggest Mistakes when Buying Built in Furniture: Number 3

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It’s that time of the month again – to find out what NOT to do when buying fitted furniture for your home or business. The Empatika experts have already shared the first two mistakes: Not getting a guarantee and choosing a company without a good reputation, which you can read about here.

There are seven mistakes in this series and we’re on to the third one now, which is being tempted by discounted offers. This one kind of ties in with the first two mistakes: a well-established company with a good reputation is unlikely to offer their work at a discounted rate, as this means the quality of the materials will be compromised. Also you’ll probably find that if you take a special offer with an amateur company, a guarantee won’t be included or it will be reduced. You could be breaking three of these rules at once!

Love a bargain?

We understand that everybody loves a bargain – nobody wants to pay more for the same product or service. But when you are trusting a company to come into your home and design high quality, lasting furniture to be on display forever, it’s a bit different than heading to a discount factory outlet.

Always remember that you get what you pay for – a low price isn’t always necessarily the best price. If you hire an amateur company with reduced priced services, it will have a similar effect as buying cheap high street clothes which are made in a sweatshop. The workers and handymen at the company may be unqualified or low paid, and the materials used won’t be of high quality – this is how they can offer the discounted rate. If you want to make sure your built in furniture stands the test of time, then plan to invest a little more into the carpentry service you hire.

Ask how the company can offer a reduced rate

There is no harm in asking a company directly why it is they can offer the same service for a much lower price than others. But can you trust their answer? They may say that they bulk buy materials and pass savings onto customers, or that they operate a very small team and don’t have the overheads which other companies do. Maybe they are a new company, offering an introductory discount as many businesses do – but then do they have the experience required to deliver your furniture to a high standard?

Empatika has a small team, and as a small business doesn’t have any large overheads. Yet the services we offer are highly skilled and we won’t compromise on the quality of materials – therefore we could never offer a discounted service to our customers.

Money well spent

Price is just one aspect of a purchase, and yes it may be important, but remember custom furniture is a lifelong investment. If you want high quality products, professionalism and expert aftercare, it will come at a price – but it will be money well spent!

You’ll probably find that the companies at the higher end of the market are also more passionate about what they do. With lower priced services you might get the feeling that the team want to get the job done quickly and “on to the next one.” However with professional furniture companies, you’ll see that the staff love what they do and understand you can’t rush perfection!

If you want to read all of the biggest mistakes in this series right now, you can download the full booklet here: