Please Note: All below prices are starting prices and don’t include VAT at 20%


  • £4000 – £6000
  • You get a medium size unit.


  • £6000 – £12000
  • You get a large size unit.


  • £12000 – £20000
  • You get two or three units around your home.

Small Wardrobe
from £2950

Bespoke Wardrobe Unit With Storage Cubby Holes, Drawers And Metal Bar Clothes Hanger By Empatika

This small white contemporary fitted wardrobe have shelving, mixed height hanging and two drawers for socks and small items.

Medium Wardrobe
from £5450

Bespoke High Walled Wardrobe Unit Painted In All White Behind A Bed Unit With Ceiling HighLights By Empatika

This fitted wardrobe bridges nicely over the bed and hides loads of storage both deeper hanging on the right and narrower shelving in the centre, the unit is made of wood then painted white afterwards.

Large Wardrobe
from £6550

Bespoke High Walled Wardrobe Unit With Finger Grips Openers Painted In All White By Empatika

This Large white bespoke wardrobe created a nice clean flat surface on the front and hides different size alcoves behind so you think there is a flat wall behind.

Large Bookcase
from £4850

Large Bookcase Pricing

This large white painted L shaped bookcase also fits above two doors making total use of space. The shelves are fixed and of different heights and depths.

Illuminated Display
from £6540

Bespoke Walled Multiple Organized DIsplay Unit With Selected Shelf Lights And Storage Cabinets Below Painted In All White By Empatika

This contemporary bespoke bookcase has strategically placed random shelves that are light to make them stand out as well as lights above the unit shining towards the ceiling and doors below with adjustable shelves.

Medium Bookcase
from £4550

Bespoke Walled Book Casing For High Volume Of Books Painted In All White In Living Room Setting By Empatika

This white fitted bookcase with lights shining down has front facing feature shelves that allow you to display beautiful records, CDs or books, you can rotate these to make a forever evolving artwork.

Large Storage Unit
from £4650

Large Storage Unit Pricing

This long semi matt white display unit has a narrower section at the top for books and a deeper section below behind doors to hide all your belongings.

Floating Shelves
from £1250

Floating Shelves Pricing

25mm shelves unpainted from £850 including fitting. These are great for a minimal look with no ugly visible supports or brackets, ideal for alcoves a few together as well as on top of a base unit with doors.

Home Office
from £4850

Home Office Pricing

This bespoke fitted home office is a great way to organise every last bit of space in your valuable home office. Practicality is very important,but asthetics are just as important and this piece will make your feel happy everytime you walk in and see it.

Large Media Unit
from £6550

Large Media Unit Pricing

This contemporary, bespoke living room media unit looks great with the display area in the centre for things you want on show and it behind all those handleless doors you can store all your DVDs, books, games and children’s toys so that you can always keep your living area tidy.

Large Veneered Library
from £8550

Large Veneered Library Pricing

This very large oiled library unit made of Ash veneer has a pull out keyboard shelf in the centre, front facing display shelves fitted on hinges to store more books behind, end units that have tables that go all the way to the floor.

Alcove Media Unit
from £4750

Alcove Media Unit Pricing

These painted and fitted alcove media units on each side of the chimney breast balance each other out nicely and hide a load of ugly wires and av equipment. The floating shelves above complement them perfectly.

Milo floating shelf
from £1450

Milo floating shelf Pricing

This floating shelves is made using the waste offcuts that we produce as well as interesting wood found thrown away on the street or in skips. You can also have these made using your own wood.

Loft home office
from £5450

Loft home office Pricing

This bespoke loft home office and desk was designed for a teenage girl who wanted a better space for all her study books and a large space to spread out all her open folders to make studying easier .

Low level media TV unit
from £4850

Low level media TV unit Pricing

This Tv unit has a low cabinet, with flush doors and a top routed handle, and the cupboards span across the two alcoves and chimney breast which is very minimal and clean looking. It is finished off with floating shelves.

Media unit with
bookshelves from £5850

Media unit with bookshelves Pricing

This TV unit was built around a surround sound system and TV unit, with plenty of hidden storage below and space for books on the sides finished off with lights shinning down illuminating the bookshelves.

Floating random cubes
from £2850

Floating random cubes Pricing

The title might suggest these cubes where just thrown up there, but the balance and size of each is carefully worked out so that it looks perfectly balanced.

Random bookshelves
from £3850

Random bookshelves Pricing

Similarly to the cubes, this bookcase has asymmetrical random shelves and is made to look both balanced and random at the same time.

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